Looking for Land for Sale or Lease

Hello Ontario,

I am looking for land for sale or lease, or barter, For Sale By Owner or Property Manager.
Looking a secluded place, with woods and privacy, so bare lots are not in the running, looking for anything larger than 3 acres, and without utilities is fine, though a well would be nice. Price range lower the better, as I am getting Divorced again!

Will be using the land for Weekends, getaways and camping. Long-term goals would be to build a place to live in this year round. I would also be interested in sharing a corner of a larger property; in turn I could offer security and some upkeep to the property and outbuildings. If there is a workable house on the property I could rent this out for you and do the maintenace that it might require.

Thanks for looking and helping out.




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6 responses to “Looking for Land for Sale or Lease

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  2. thanks for this post, hope to see your next soon

  3. hi there, if you like reading about self reliance, check out this blog

  4. Where abouts are you looking for the land? Let me know if you need help.

  5. Dash

    hey, saw your comment on MD’s blog that you live in(or near) bowmanville. I’d suggest getting a copy of the realestate section of the Kawartha lakes This Week, there’s often parcels of bush or small houses for sale fairly cheap, especially in the north end of the city

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