So you are a freak Survivalist or what

And aren’t Preppers’ the same as Survivalists?

A woman almost shouted that at me, “So you are a freak Survivalist or what” to me the other day after I made a comment to someone as we were talking together. Another day recently, another woman commented on one of my facebook posts, in just about the same way!

So two thoughts come to mind, why are woman so dead set against Survivalists and why aren’t you a prepper as well. Do they all equate gun-toting, mask wearing rioters and American Hard Core Patriots with Survivalism?

Of Preppers. So let me give you an example, you store stuff for when it is needed in preparation for some occurrence that leaves you and your family without amenities. How about, look at the papers for the last couple of years, so; floods, earthquakes, snowstorms, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, mud slides, water problems, water outages, power outages, fuel shortage scares to name just a few.

So what is a simple term for a Prepper? How about anyone who actually has a stock pile of anything, or alternate energy of any type, in case something happens. Now some Preppers believe in all kinds of things, the most prevalent would be WSHTF OR SHTF (read as when shit hits the fan, or just shit hits the fan.) Ironically our Grandparents where more Preppers than we are today, they grew up knowing that the system does not always work, that it is better to do your own canning, than buying store bought, and keeping a stock of supplies on hand. They knew the value or sharing time together to make things, to stock up things and enjoy life. No TV, no Internet and no cheap movies, and no computer games to take up all their time. People helped each other, either it was family or friends and family, getting together for times such as; quilting bees, canning parties (all food stuffs) barn raisings, plantings, both fields and home gardens. They all helped each other; they all shared, the system worked good, that is the basis of Barter. I help you, you help me! I have this, you need it, and I would like that thing you have or your brother has that item, how about a trade?

Last week in the building where I live one of the main sprinklers blew, the water had to be shut off overnight. No big deal for me as I have a few extra gallons of water always sitting around, for drinking or for other uses. So, use the toilet, pour some water in, and it flushes. No regular water pressure, no flushing, no drinking water, no COFFEE.. (Should have led with that right!)

Another example, a very basic one, you have more than two weeks of food, and you should have more than two weeks as a very bare minimum. Preppers and people who stock up, have months to years worth of supplies, hopefully you will never need that much, but what if you do? Think that can not happen in North America, Canada? Well think again! Mud slides and avalanches in BC, forced the closure of several roads in the past couple of years. The residents and the travellers, had to use what they had on hand, for up to 14 days. How about you, can you do at least that much.

Recently the Trans Canada was shut down in the London area, Winnipeg area and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are just to name a few. Why, storms shut the roads down, people were stranded, some had winter kits in their cars, some did not! Some were Preppers the others will probably become Preppers, even this little bit will help you out, at least to a moderate point of survival. That is not really asking too much right? In the Bible it says “God helps those that help themselves..” (Paraphrased only..)

Isn’t it worth your life, or your family’s lives to become Preppers? Now another thought, you did all that, you saved your family from freezing to death on the Trans Canada, workers came by you got rescued; voila, in simple terms “You are now a Survivalist” Yes I know it is more than that, but just look at the basics for a moment, do not get caught up in all the other aspects, you survived, you were prepared. Now that is a great start! Preppers – Survivalists – Off Griders – Realists whatever you want to call yourselves. Start small and work up from there, a few extra gallons of Water, a few weeks extra of food, and do that every week or every two weeks. Being prepared, that is what it is all about after all.



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