Modern Food, Anti-Biotics Dangerous Super Bugs

Modern Food, Anti-Biotics Dangerous Super Bugs

FOOD modern Food Danger Will Robinson!

a couple of days ago, I watched a Marketplace CBC Report on the dangers of the Antibiotics and steroids etc, that they put into chickens, from Eggs to Chicken in cages and afterwards! The report used independent Labs, found that there were up to 8 SuperBugs that could not be treated with Anti-Biotics, including the ones given to pregnant Women! It affects us all, this causes our bodies, and foods to create viruses etc, that Can Never Be Treated! People need to go to Hospital for intensive Intervenes treatments for simple colds and flue’s.

I am now looking for local food growers, who are Organic, do not use Anti-Biotics, and are reasonably priced!

Wish Me and You Luck


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