Ground Beef recipe with Sauce HOT

Ground Beef recipe with Sauce HOT

I actually wrote down one of my concoctions, this time, normally I make it, eat it, then try to remember what I added or how I did it !

cook in cast iron fry pan, large

1 kg ground beef

water 1 cup

lemon juice – big squirt

Cocoa powder – 4 tbs aprox.

stir till brown

add into this ground beef mixture –

Louisiana hot sauce, Franks brand – big gulp full

plumb sauce – big gulp full

BBQ sauce – big gulp full

smoked paprika, pinch

Chili Peppers – 2 tbs

Sauce / Gravy

water cold – 1 Cup

corn bread mix,

brown flour

baking soda, dash

stir into fry pan, simmer for 5 min

pour over baked potatoes,

and corn added to the top for colour and vegieness

Hot and tasty !!

Writing Excersie


Follow UP

It was good, the sauce was very thick and awesome, but not hot enough. I will add more hot sauce into the sauce mix next time, and use Holy Habanera sauce or peppers to spice it up some more >:)

The yellow corn on top was a nice touch, I end…S

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