Hearty Omelette vegg or meat

Hearty Omelette vegg or meat

Hearty Omelette Variations

3 eggs beaten

Garlic 5 cloves

Red Onion 1/3

Tomato 1/2

Spinach handful, chopped up / ground up / shredded

Flax Protein Powder/ Hemp Protein Powder


Chicken/Beef leftovers

note: need to find some good No Milk Cheese sub)

Use Cast Iron Frying Pan, Large

Pre cook/Blanch



maybe even the spinach if you want, it changes the taste a lot

remove from pan / or use a smaller pan for this, you are just stirring and pre-cooking

Main large cast iron Frying pan

little oil, up to you (tip from Jamie Oliver; use 1/2 and 1/2 veg oil and extra virgin olive oil, cheaper and great taste )

cast iron fry pan should be on med (6-7)

put in the beaten up eggs

wait a moment for it to solidify on bottom

put in your ingredients

wait a moment, I cover it to keep heat and moisture in

flip up the one side to cover


reduce heat to min or 0, remember cast iron holds the heat very well, so it is eco friendly that way, it will also keep cooking it at a temp

now flip it over, quickly! cover, to keep in the moisture (I like it moist not dry)

do not worry if some of it falls out, it is all good, this is not Iron Chef or Chef Ramsie’s show 🙂

wait a moment, use flipper to peek in a moment, it should look and feel done, the bottom side you want golden and not burnt

use flipper put onto plate right away! (or it will still cook)

if you are doing more than one, cover with a lid/tin foil or put into the oven, with it on low temp to keep it hot/warm

wipe out cast iron frying pans completely, dribble some oil in pans, wipe, let sit on hot element to re-season (important)


Notes; using cast iron, takes some getting used to, but you will love it

use gloves with the handles, yes it is heavier, but aww so good to cook with, use weight training to get stronger arms (or wave pan at husband a lot, to increase muscle mass, Just kidding!)


Cast iron, when seasoned right, non-stick, easy cleanup, useses less electricity/gas, Energy to do the same job and has less chemicals than Teflon to hurt your health in the long run!


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