What I did for Prepping this week

Prepping should include what you do not know as well!
Let me explain a bit here;
The skills you sort of remember and the ones that when you are honest about with yourself you need to learn or re-learn in order to survive! No excuses, work on this gain knowledge to help in any future possible.

Mine are as follows;
Skinning, gutting, prepping game kills and fish prepping
Preparing the hides for use in what every fashion that may be needed for them
Stone carving, need way more info
Flint knapping and primitive skills knapping for general uses
Re-learning the annual declination to tune compasses to find true and magnetic North
Re-learning basic carving skills that I have lost to go to the place where I want to be in my Carving ability.

Prepping this past week, ups and downs..
+ Went on a 8 km hike into the woods to the property that I will be sharing and living on with some other people this will be a prepping/survivalist/permaculture set up. Awesome place, remote secluded though will be very difficult with lots of work to make it a permaculture set up to produce more than we need though. Good Challenge.
+ Saw and followed cougar tracks for over 60’ and took photos of them, all great, showing the tail drag as well, perfect. – my cameras flash drive failed … lost everything on it, including other prepping work that I had photographed L
+ Worked on learning how expedient lamps could be made, different uses and models as well as what works and what does not work in terms of wicks and the lack of availability of finding wicks in our big box department store days.
+ Working on expedient wicks, from paper towel and natural fibre cord that words great to shoe laces and other material that do not work at all
+ Downloaded some info on Rocket Stoves for heating and cooking, will explore that more, also trying to figure out how to make one for portable winter camping.
+ Learning more on permaculture, how it was used in the past and how to use and adapt it more into my future as well.
+ P-38 & 51 can openers – p51 is the Canadian Mil or US Mil Cold weather can openers
Showed some people around here as I still have 2 left over from my CDN Mil days, they work much better and faster
+ Found two Canadian suppliers of Knives, all kinds of knives, so now will have a cheaper means of getting some better knives and swords again for prepping. (all mine, over 75+ knives and 15+ swords gotten rid of by one of my exes along with all my prepping stuff, camping and military gear with the odd small exception)
+ Will be ordering a KUKRI MACHETE w/ SHEATH (not the machete as I have two others now)
+ Will be ordering a Cold Steel Ninja Sword and sheath, or the two handed sword machete. Why, they are very handy, can be used as a machete in a pinch or alternate, are light, and very capable in my hands. Last and fist line of defence.
+ Bought a Buck folding locking blade on sale at Canadian Tire for only $9.95 on sale from the normal $28 price….sweet !
+ Two weeks ago bought a handy Mtech Xtreme USA 440C steel, folding locking blade as well it fits my hand perfectly and is designed for wood working as well with its, handy thumb rest on the top of the blade.
= That finishes off the locking, utility knives that I needed, now I have about 8 in total so some for survival/camping some for general work, all good.
+ Bought another stainless steel pot for my bug out bag, cooking, cleaning, misc useage
+ Bought some quick release straps for my back pack and day pack to make them easier and more comfortable to carry (sloped shoulders need these)


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