What I did to prep this week 13 March

This week I spent most of it with my Parents as both of them were in the hospital. My Dad for complications due to Diabeties, and my Mother who fell on the ice and Broke her Hip, then had surgery the same day!

There is a good couple of stores that sell surplus in the Kitchener/Cambridge area where they are, and I bought tons of stuff;
mid sized cast iron Dutch Oven for only $24 new!
gloves, space blankest x5,
+ a spork – just could not resist.
Backup Compass that looks like a Silva Compass
600 ft of cord – 300′ para cord the other 300′ general purpose 220lbs cord (you do not always need the 550 cord)
3x bags of 8kg bags of brown long grain rice on sale for only $7.99 down from $9.99
10kg bag of brown general-purpose flour also on sale from $13 down to only $7.99
Ordered a deck of cards on Wild edible foods, so it will go into my pack when I get it! (might be the best of everything there!)
started carving again and will put my back up chisels in the long term bug out supplies, they come in handy for lots of reasons.
got a free 8 man tent from the local Auction,
picked up a insulated wood stove pipe to use when I make a portable rocket stove.
grommet kits and spare grommets for tarps
spare mantels for the lantern
Water Proof Neoprene socks (1 pair to test, if I like then another couple pairs of them)



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2 responses to “What I did to prep this week 13 March

  1. Hope your folks are well. Good score on the prepper items though. Send me the name/address with the Dutch Ovens. My kids live in Kitchener. I’ll have one of them pick me one up!

  2. http://www.kwsurplus.com/
    K-W supply they have a map on the site easy to find link and map

    They have two sizes of the Dutch Oven,
    given your family size, my suggestion would be the large sized one. That way we have your large sized and my smaller sized ones. We can pick and choose depending on how many people that are there for the meals that day. Too large or too small will not cook properly.

    I also have a great idea for a Hay Box, so we can use it with the Dutch Oven(s) in there, until we get a pit going in the common cook house or in very cold weather. It will only cost a few dollars and will be waterproof, very good idea right now.

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