What I did for Prepping in the last 2 weeks 26 March

Hi there everyone – read the following with caution!

Today I picked up a Machete sword for protection and usage, up till today for over a week nothing to prep for the following reasons;
Due to a tooth infection which I did not know about until the very last moment, of course on a Fri night, so no Dentists until Monday!

The infection spread rapidly, the infection started under a filling, so I did not feel anything, not even a twinge from the time it started. As it got critical, it went from HEY some pain to Please Shoot me, in 3 hrs time. From Fri night until Wed I slept about 8 hrs in total.

Now the real problem! The infection spread to my cheek, my jaw, my neck, my rotator cuff, into my elbow and today into my lower back and hip! I am on strong Anti-Biotics, pain killers, muscle relaxants (because the pain in my shoulder was just as bad as my mouth) and for 3 more nights Sleeping pills.

This week I will be going into the hospital for X-rays, ultra sound of my shoulder and arm, and a CT scan because the fevers this week were so high and long that I am having memory issues with some speach as well as Facial and name recollection!

A business associate of mine was at the Hospital yesterday and said he had the same type of infection, the result was they had to cut away part of his cheek and jaw bones due to the highly contagious and rapidly spreading infection from the teeth area! So Dentists are your friends more than I every knew. I asked around and found one that took care of people who are self employed and no medical insurance, although it might be too late, it would be worse if I tried to Tough it out longer.

Do not feel sorry for me or my pain, I am posting this here so if you have a few aches in your teeth, get to the dentist! I am posting this as an advisory to you. JFYI.. Take care


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog & I must congratulate you.. this is a work of art!

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