What I did for Preeping this week 8 April 2011

I did not do much really as still not fully recovered. Writing this actually hurts my shoulder and arm!

Received the Edible Plant Playing Cards; they are a bit smaller than I thought, but the content and colour pics are 10/10

Finished working out the details for two of my bush projects.
1st have now finished making a hay box for the cold season, once I started thinking outside the box.. pun intended it was easy and cheap to boot. Will post pics soon.

2nd Finished working out the details for a portable Rocket Stove. Simple design and light. I will also take some flat fire bricks to line the bottom of the stove, so the metal will not melt and hopefully it will transmit the heat better. pics soon as well
b. I have also thought about making it a light porty that I can add in material on site to give it more thermal mass so it retains heat better. Still looking for the right barrel, but will get one soon. I just need to go to the right auto garages and grab a used one.

A memory for 6 Canadian Solders killed this day 4 years ago.

reposted from my old army buddies facebook post we served in 3RCR together..

from Greg Alkerton;
Four years ago today a roadside bomb took the lives of 6 excellent soldiers in H Coy 2RCR. Sgt Donald Lucas, Cpl Brent Poland, Cpl Aaron Williams, MCpl Chris Stannix, Pte Kevin Kennedy, Pte David Greenslade. Tonight i’ll raise my glass to the soldiers from 22B. Pro Patria


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