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P90 & 10 Min Trainer update

So, I am moving from the location that I am in to a new one again. Being so far behind in work and moving that I let the exercises slip a bit, off track. That is sad, I have found that when I work out, have a power shake and take a shower that I actually have more appreciation for life and more energy later that day. Truthfully though, by about 10 PM it is beddy by time, and that is good, especially as I get terrible insomnia. So Tomorrow morning, even though I am behind in moving and work, too bad, a 10 min trainer session is in order to make myself feel better in more ways than one!

Hopefully I will be able to get a trip up to Tyrone Mills for another purchase or two from their O So Fresh healthy grain products. Perhaps I will ask them if I can remember this time, to get in some Hemp grains and powders, and some Flax Powder as well!

I still have half a bag of the Corn bread mix, yum, yum yummy, corn bread mix!

If everything goes according to plan, I will be up on the Acreage this weekend, helping to lay in some trails and a camp site for myself. I Love the Woods, I love the Canadian Bush, it is where I truly feel at home.

Now it is late, and past my bed time, good night now everyone!

Edit: I forgot to mention the title! Sorry Folks, I have a few 10 Min Trainer vids as well and they are great if you have less than the normal 30-45 min for a workout.

Get into T’ai Chi as well, it is an excellent workout, will keep you limber and prepare you for more vigorous exercises as well. This morning I slept badly, it has taken me forever to get up and moving, so I will be doing my T’ai Chi exercises this morning.


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Mishmash of Info

Mishmash of info
Some random thoughts and postings that I made on some other forums, as well as some found info.

Misc info, tips and videos of Dehydrating foods

How to store Potatoes, some great info

Night Vision,
to all the non Ex Military out there;
To get better night vision, step outside kneel on one knee and close both eyes for 1- 1 1/2 min, you will be surprised how much brighter it is now. Most people can walk around with confidence now.
If you need to use a light for a moment or two for whatever reason, only use one eye. Suggested to close the dominant or shooting eye, when light is turned out, you can open both eyes now. If someone pops a flare or uses a flash light near you, do the same thing, this helps to maintain Night vision integrity in at least one eye, so the other can recover while you move.
We used to drill for this as well on night manoeuvres.

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Prepping this Week

Lets start by it’s snowing! Sorry could not resist, I drove into the parking lot of the building that I am living in for the next 3 days only now and drove into a snow storm of white fluffy bits! Dandelions abound and are shedding their seeds today due to the brief warm afternoon period.

I have started packing up everything and moving things in my office/storage area to make room for everything that is not going to go into my new to me Camper/Truck. I thought I might be farther along than I am right now, but alas it is not so. The vehicle has a few minor/ med issues that I was trying to address but the mechanic who works on my Van took one look at the new Camper/Truck and got freaked out. “That is huge, it is too big, I can not lift those tires… etc” So he pointed my up the street to a Guy that has a shop and always has vehicles in and out of it, he said.

Well that guy turned out to be an ex mechanic of heavy duty equipment, and now one thing to another I will be living in the back of a parking lot/barn farm area he rents.  For a small monthly fee, access to a welder and gen-set, also ramps etc, to work on my vehicle while staying there out of the way out of the sight of most anyone. I provide night watch security and get the run of the place. This is my kind of setup with lots of excavators, dozers and Dump Trucks. I can also tell him if I am having a slow week of work and do some work for him. Being handy with mechanical ability, I will be able to work on my vehicle and give him a hand with his stuff as well! So he will help me out in return! Sweet.. I will be moving the Camper/Truck there and working on it slowly by myself to save hundreds of dollars, so I am happy about that.

The Camper/Truck has a built in bunk beds but I might remove the bottom bunk and turn it into a sitting area with a table and storage location and sleep in the top bunk. The top can also hold some cloths bags during the day when I am not sleeping. The other option is to use the top for storage, but sitting up on the bottom bunk is not really comfortable at all. For the time being I will set up a living room area in the back of the truck, where the open truck back is until I make up my mind.

For my long term plans, I would love to make a movable wall into the back area, that way I can go to auctions, buy in bulk and then sell afterwards. Pulling my smaller 4×6 utility trailer behind the 7.3 ltr Diesel engine will be no worries as to the weight and give me some extra room as well.

With the purchase of the camping stove, BBQ small portable, Coleman catalytic heater I will be most comfortable. At Princess Auto, they are advertising Solar Fans for vehicles, that will come in very handy. Once I purchase one of these units, it will be mounted to the roof, and run with it blowing out the exhaust vent in the roof.

I moved in a couple of dressers last night by myself into the back for storage and surface usage, tomorrow will see me moving a larger 2 piece desk into the Camper/Truck to be used as a kitchen area. The back of the desk has a recessed are that will allow the installation of a grey water and clean drinking water holding tanks to make my life easier. The stove will go on a modified table for now, until a more permanent cabinet can be made for it and a propane fridge. The Camper/Truck already has windows and a vent area in the side so that is the kitchen side, it just needs to be remade. One of the previous owners removed the kitchen, now it is all work for me, so lets plan it well. Like the old adage is “measure twice cut once, and plan well”

See you all on the other side next post 🙂


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prepping pick ups today

Well since getting the Camper/Truck and needing some things I did a Kijiji search and found some things that are needed.

Finds; went to a fellows place to pick up a brand new never used Colman Two burner cook stove that has never been used for only $25, spotted a Naptha Gas Catalytic heater, the fellow also gave me a Futon Cushion that was just sitting around in his way. Cleaning will be easy as it is only some wood dust on it, otherwise looks perfect.

Will be grabbing some more stuff tomorrow for the Camper/Truck to make my life easier. Also making arrangements to get the brakes worked on.

So just a quick update, happy with the items, now I can cook indoors and with my little BBQ, outdoors as well and I will be warm too boot. Yes, I did have two large kerosene heaters, but they are large and until I get the inside finished off, they would have been in the way really.

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Started working out with P90 system again

Started the P90 system again, I started in the Summer last year, but got sick in the Fall due to bad water, now finally feeling up to doing it again. Just did a gruelling 30 min workout with just stretching! Man it sucks to get old.. LOL

I still remember how we worked out in the military, that would kill me now! But, in a couple of months lets see how it goes. In Aug, doing a 10km run, goals help.

Will make up a Schedule to work out and to work as well, so early to bed and early to get up and work out, goals..

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Prepping for May so far

Hi there,

been busy and no it is no excuse but the truth. I needed to move and started considering my options. After some soul searching and thoughtful googling, I came up with the following idea;

Live in my Vehicle and use my office as a jumping off point for other interests and power source for now. There are some useful sites on Vehicle dwelling and living and I thought back to other times in my past to make some notes. I scoured and the local buy and sell, settled on a few vehicles and trailers to look at and then went out exploring what they actually were.

I gotta tell ya’ll.. Eh some people have weird interpretations of what they actually have and just what good condition is! I did find a deal a very sweet deal actually. 1988 Ford F350 Mh model, a camper in front and a truck space in back so basically a box truck conversion. The insides were gutted so a bonus and a liability at the same time! The vehicle itself runs great and only needed a tire to move it and some break work that I will get done this week. Pics will be coming soon.


my new home

This baby has a rebuilt tranny with a 7.3 ltr Diesel and gets the same mileage as the Astro Van!

One of the many features is the ability to take all of my survival and prepping gear with me WTSHTF or for camping or moving to the property in the fall time. I will now have the ability to just pick up whatever I want be it garage sales or auctions to make some extra cash on the side.

Just missed buying a 1000 watt generator for only $50! sad miss

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At wake funeral for my Uncle a WWII Vet

Sad days,

In Cambridge at my Folks getting ready to go to the wake of my Uncle Del.

One of my Favourite Uncles died this afternoon, Uncle Del.

He was a WWII Vet, two weeks to his 91st birthday, and he lived 40+ yrs longer than the Docs told him he would because he had Malaria from being in Africa with the 1st CDN Div., Big Red Patch, as is my recollection of what he told me years ago.

He was a Tank Driver, his tank was hit 4 times by enemy projectiles, and he survived!

England to Africa, Africa to Italy, Italy to Holland, Holland to Canada

What a spirited, funny and good Man he was. He was also part of the CDN forces who stayed behind in Holland after the end of the war for a year to help in rebuilding the Country of Holland from the War Damages.

He will be missed! By Me, and many others,

Love you Uncle Del, take care be at peace, rest.

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After a conversation with someone I know about their power failure in the town for only 4hrs people just did not know what to do!

Challenge -> go to your power box tomorrow morning at 6am or when you get up, turn off the power. Now do your morning breakfast, morning routine without Electric power, for 4-8 hrs.

hints – coleman / propane / inverter / rocket stove / alcohol stove / solar / kerosene / wood stove / wood burner / oil lamps / veggie oil lamps / stored water / prepping

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Elections Love them Hate them

Ether we love or hate them, thousands of people have died or were injured to give you the right to vote.

Canada just went through an unnecessary vote again! Glad it is all over, hopefully the little boys and girls can actually do some real work now and earn their golden parachute pensions.

Good news on the fact it is a Majority Gov’t this is actually good so that they will all be forced to cooperate as well. The Green Party has 1 riding/seat in Parliament now, hopefully the voice will be heard. Too bad they did not show or inform Canada about their other topics and platforms. They do seem to be able to show some leadership on other issues other than the Environment.

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