At wake funeral for my Uncle a WWII Vet

Sad days,

In Cambridge at my Folks getting ready to go to the wake of my Uncle Del.

One of my Favourite Uncles died this afternoon, Uncle Del.

He was a WWII Vet, two weeks to his 91st birthday, and he lived 40+ yrs longer than the Docs told him he would because he had Malaria from being in Africa with the 1st CDN Div., Big Red Patch, as is my recollection of what he told me years ago.

He was a Tank Driver, his tank was hit 4 times by enemy projectiles, and he survived!

England to Africa, Africa to Italy, Italy to Holland, Holland to Canada

What a spirited, funny and good Man he was. He was also part of the CDN forces who stayed behind in Holland after the end of the war for a year to help in rebuilding the Country of Holland from the War Damages.

He will be missed! By Me, and many others,

Love you Uncle Del, take care be at peace, rest.


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