Prepping for May so far

Hi there,

been busy and no it is no excuse but the truth. I needed to move and started considering my options. After some soul searching and thoughtful googling, I came up with the following idea;

Live in my Vehicle and use my office as a jumping off point for other interests and power source for now. There are some useful sites on Vehicle dwelling and living and I thought back to other times in my past to make some notes. I scoured and the local buy and sell, settled on a few vehicles and trailers to look at and then went out exploring what they actually were.

I gotta tell ya’ll.. Eh some people have weird interpretations of what they actually have and just what good condition is! I did find a deal a very sweet deal actually. 1988 Ford F350 Mh model, a camper in front and a truck space in back so basically a box truck conversion. The insides were gutted so a bonus and a liability at the same time! The vehicle itself runs great and only needed a tire to move it and some break work that I will get done this week. Pics will be coming soon.


my new home

This baby has a rebuilt tranny with a 7.3 ltr Diesel and gets the same mileage as the Astro Van!

One of the many features is the ability to take all of my survival and prepping gear with me WTSHTF or for camping or moving to the property in the fall time. I will now have the ability to just pick up whatever I want be it garage sales or auctions to make some extra cash on the side.

Just missed buying a 1000 watt generator for only $50! sad miss


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