prepping pick ups today

Well since getting the Camper/Truck and needing some things I did a Kijiji search and found some things that are needed.

Finds; went to a fellows place to pick up a brand new never used Colman Two burner cook stove that has never been used for only $25, spotted a Naptha Gas Catalytic heater, the fellow also gave me a Futon Cushion that was just sitting around in his way. Cleaning will be easy as it is only some wood dust on it, otherwise looks perfect.

Will be grabbing some more stuff tomorrow for the Camper/Truck to make my life easier. Also making arrangements to get the brakes worked on.

So just a quick update, happy with the items, now I can cook indoors and with my little BBQ, outdoors as well and I will be warm too boot. Yes, I did have two large kerosene heaters, but they are large and until I get the inside finished off, they would have been in the way really.


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