Mishmash of Info

Mishmash of info
Some random thoughts and postings that I made on some other forums, as well as some found info.

Misc info, tips and videos of Dehydrating foods

How to store Potatoes, some great info

Night Vision,
to all the non Ex Military out there;
To get better night vision, step outside kneel on one knee and close both eyes for 1- 1 1/2 min, you will be surprised how much brighter it is now. Most people can walk around with confidence now.
If you need to use a light for a moment or two for whatever reason, only use one eye. Suggested to close the dominant or shooting eye, when light is turned out, you can open both eyes now. If someone pops a flare or uses a flash light near you, do the same thing, this helps to maintain Night vision integrity in at least one eye, so the other can recover while you move.
We used to drill for this as well on night manoeuvres.

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