P90 & 10 Min Trainer update

So, I am moving from the location that I am in to a new one again. Being so far behind in work and moving that I let the exercises slip a bit, off track. That is sad, I have found that when I work out, have a power shake and take a shower that I actually have more appreciation for life and more energy later that day. Truthfully though, by about 10 PM it is beddy by time, and that is good, especially as I get terrible insomnia. So Tomorrow morning, even though I am behind in moving and work, too bad, a 10 min trainer session is in order to make myself feel better in more ways than one!

Hopefully I will be able to get a trip up to Tyrone Mills for another purchase or two from their O So Fresh healthy grain products. Perhaps I will ask them if I can remember this time, to get in some Hemp grains and powders, and some Flax Powder as well!

I still have half a bag of the Corn bread mix, yum, yum yummy, corn bread mix!

If everything goes according to plan, I will be up on the Acreage this weekend, helping to lay in some trails and a camp site for myself. I Love the Woods, I love the Canadian Bush, it is where I truly feel at home.

Now it is late, and past my bed time, good night now everyone!

Edit: I forgot to mention the title! Sorry Folks, I have a few 10 Min Trainer vids as well and they are great if you have less than the normal 30-45 min for a workout.

Get into T’ai Chi as well, it is an excellent workout, will keep you limber and prepare you for more vigorous exercises as well. This morning I slept badly, it has taken me forever to get up and moving, so I will be doing my T’ai Chi exercises this morning.



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