FireFlies & Prepping

Last night I watched hundreds of FireFlies flirting around in the pasture below my place, early evening so you could see the last vestigages of daylight on the trees and meadow. The long grass was in a deep shadow of Dusk, Nature is Truly Lovely, too bad most people fail to see the show or the beauty therein.

Due to the high winds the other day in the Haliburton area, I could not bring the van to the property as it was not accessible, with the downed trees. Sunday will be going up for the day, to wander around and search out sites for gardens and building sites.

For prepping or should I say Survival, I am going to be bringing my new mosquito head net and some Muskoil to keep spraying myself with. I want to eat lunch there, not to become lunch there!

Found some interesting info on some low cost rocket stoves, so will be trying them out later today and maybe make some up at the property as well. I bought a brand new fan dangles Cold Chisel, with a guard no less to use with concrete and metal working, safer so must be getting old.
Bought some;

Coleman stoves, a little quick Propane Heater, some misc hand tools, circa no power history.. LOL old but well usable. Found some dehydrated rice and veggie mixes that taste great and will be great for camping and hiking as well.

Sat night so being alone, will be working some more on the camper setup, getting things organized and making some notes.

O, almost forgot fund a link to a site that sells some old time products, guess what they had a hanging no electric dehydrator as well. Shocked and surprised, not another thing to make.. LOL but well worth it.


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