Property Plans

Yesterday, saw the biggest Black Bear about weighing close to if not over 300+ pounds. I have never seen one that large and he was running through a field away from the people and cars, also saw the smallest Fawn running down the middle of the highway. Luckily both wok. We flushed out some baby grouse by accident, they fly fast then hide in Pine Trees and the like.

We also found some great building locations and some Agro Sites in there. Lots of bogs to use as natural bedding material for the plants. We are also planning on planting wild plots of food for the critters to eat. Walk into an area, plant the different foods like, corn, potatoes, rutabagas, lettuce etc, let them feed and keep them coming to the property.

The plan is also to plant the crops using a system developed by the Natives, called the Three Sisters Method. In a nutshell you plant corn, climbing beans or peas and a root veggie like rutabegas or potatoes. Another variation is to include plants which assist in keeping bugs and crawlies off, so will be planting Marigolds etc around the Three Sisters.



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2 responses to “Property Plans

  1. Hey thanks that is an interesting page, I will look it over some more later, at the folks this weekend for Canada Day.

    There is some different info here than what we found before, although it is similar, so thanks again.

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