Solar Panels


Canadian Tire has some great deals on small solar panels right now, the battery charging and re-charging type only $8 down from $24, and a smaller low power 100watt inverter to use with my Battery Packs instead of the bigger power hungry inverter

Now that I am living in my Truck/Camper, I can just move if I do not like the neighbours, turn key and move.. LOL

Bought some things at the Army Surplus as the Flee Market, also bought a Kukri Knife from the knife fellow, it is full tang, with a wooden handle, good quality carbon steel for only $35 he gave me a great returning customer rate. I ordered another two of them for my buddy and one for in reserve. Now I have the Kukri Knife and the Kukri Machete.

Worked some more on the Camper and am making it to the gym every 2 days or more! With they Tai Chi and the new diet/lifestyle plan, I am amazed at how good I feel, how much energy I have now.

Picked up an old military strecher to use as a bed at the property for only $8 in army surplus they wanted $80 so I don did good on the prepping things I wanted today!


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