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Meds and Me

So it is an odd title, but here it goes;

I ran out of Vit D 2 weeks ago, Vit B12 last week. I forgot to go and get some more for a while, what a difference in my attitude and emotions!

On them I am so mellow and happy go lucky without them, not so much!

Hopefully They will kick in tomorrow, today and yesterday double dosages to help kick start the effects again. Such a little thing, but such a dramatic change.


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Heat and Reflectazising

ok ok, that is really not a word, but I am trying to make it one!

Here are some pics from the reflectazising that I have done recently.

The first image is a shot of the roof, there is 3 different types of Fibreglass finishes on the roof, so the heat gun showed readings from 135 f to 94 f with the reflectazising done in that panel.  The hottest is the clear panel with no extra fibreglass at all, then the half covered section then the full fibreglass covered areas.

I added in Duraflex with is a special styrofoam that does not emit high VOCs when exposed to sun, air and heat. One side is the green plastic side the other side is the Shiny reflectance side, the Reflected size is pointed inwards for many reasons.

Camper Roof showing the different types I am dealing with

camper roof

Next is the Heat Gun readings showing the temp differences

clear panel showing the temp inside

insulated panel showing new inside temp

Reflectazised Panel Temp

Now that is a big difference in the Temps! I would have finished but due to the heat causing high winds on those days, I will finish it off this week.

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Vehicle update

Hey there,

Right now I have some battery drainage issues, it is leaking power somewhere. I will do what I was told to do to check it, remove the Neg power cord, put a buzzer on the terminal and touch it with the Neg cord, if it buzzes, well then there is discharge/drainage and I need to peek around some. The solar battery charger/maintainers do not seem to work at all, and the batteries are going dead!

I live in a converted Box Truck. The truck had what is called an Ambulance package, so far that I found out it only means it came with some small windows and a roof and side vents! Ford F350 Diesel, yr 1988.
So far I am about 1/3 of the way converting it, due to some issues I did not have the time to fully convert it before living in the Camper/Truck.
There are lots of trucks out there for deliveries that have windows, so if you cover the windows at night no light leeks out it is fully stealth! I have a step-through to the cab, wish it was a bit bigger though, truth be told. The back has a roll up door, I am leaving it there, and considering making a quick removable rear door assembly for when it is not stealth mode.
The advantage is you can live in the Unit and work out of it as well if you want to be self employed. It could also be a toy hauler or garage sale parker, go to Auctions etc, then hold your own garage sale out of the back of it, there are so many options.
Compared to most on the forum it is like a small apartment, I kinda feel guilty every time I think about some living in a car, compared to this, so much more room than them! My version is living area in front and work area in the back with a movable wall. In the future, I might make it a fixed wall, with a door access and over the door shelves/cupboards for storage or whatever I feel like making. The unit came with a badly installed trailer hitch that is only attached to the rear step bumper so I need to be careful of how much weight I would put on it.
U-haul, the fleet is rife with bad vehicles and poor maintenance, every blitz put on by the DOT pulls over from 60-80 % of their fleet! So, be prepared to do work on whatever you buy! There are other delivery trucks selling, so do not make hasty decisions on the vehicle. One advantage of U-Haul though is most of the mileage on the vehicles are Highway Miles/KM’s so that is a bonus over local delivery vehicles.
Mine has the 7.3 ltr diesel engine and gets roughly the same mileage as my Astro Van that I use for my business, so I already know how much it costs to move from point A to point B. The Bread Trucks I think might get better mileage than what I get, but it would also be relative to the motor and state it is in more than anything really. Those nice new Dodge Euro Trucks are sweet, and pricey so what is your budget etc, know before you buy.
Inside can be built just any way you want so sky is the limit there.

right now I am using a spay pump up bottle, it is a 2 gal version, just pump it up then spray yourself down.
Will be getting a 12v bilge pump for only about $24, for space considerations, yes even in this large box truck there is not enough room, and by the way it is only 14ft box truck not the 20 ftrs.
Right now I just have a shower in the back, or do the wash down thing when I can not get to the gym to workout and have a shower. I will start to lay down a tarp propped up on one side and it just flows out the back under the roll up door. Yes, eco friendly soap.
I was looking at Canadian Tire and Coleman makes compact cube, Hot Water on demand unit for only $135, put the bilge pump one one side and have a shower on the otherside  (you will need two hoses and a tap, as the unit is very hot, so regulate with cold water) Right now I have not gone over 1 gal for any shower, with the unit set up I might, but as you can install a garden hose in place of a tap, so you save water as you only spray when needed, not let the tap run freely. I will do what someone said above, modify a plastic box with a drainage tap, then just let it run out, grey water is safe enough for the environment, especially if there is a small hole to run it into.
My vehicle
my camper truck in winter time

Freedom on 4 wheels

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