Heat and Reflectazising

ok ok, that is really not a word, but I am trying to make it one!

Here are some pics from the reflectazising that I have done recently.

The first image is a shot of the roof, there is 3 different types of Fibreglass finishes on the roof, so the heat gun showed readings from 135 f to 94 f with the reflectazising done in that panel.  The hottest is the clear panel with no extra fibreglass at all, then the half covered section then the full fibreglass covered areas.

I added in Duraflex with is a special styrofoam that does not emit high VOCs when exposed to sun, air and heat. One side is the green plastic side the other side is the Shiny reflectance side, the Reflected size is pointed inwards for many reasons.

Camper Roof showing the different types I am dealing with

camper roof

Next is the Heat Gun readings showing the temp differences

clear panel showing the temp inside

insulated panel showing new inside temp

Reflectazised Panel Temp

Now that is a big difference in the Temps! I would have finished but due to the heat causing high winds on those days, I will finish it off this week.


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