Brrrr baby its cold out there!

Well, the weather is up and down and up and down, last night was way down and windy, did I mention the wind, brrrrr.

So today change of plans, get working more on insulation and making it windless! Bought 4 through rugs for the camper/truck at the flee market this morning. Now to lay them properly, it is cold in the morning, next cheque I get in, will get some more for putting against the wall, that separates the living area from the back area of the truck. (keep the wind and cold out some more) cost $10 per rug, he wanted $20, we haggled a bit >:)

The rugs on the floor are for insulation, so I picked the thickest ones, with the highest wool count that they had. Some do not have any wool, that is the breaks but for only $10 a rug, well I for one am not going to complain too much.

I also picked up a kerosene heater, brand new in box for only $40.. ya me, now to use it and not get so cold at night.. LOL
Ontario weather is now down to O deg most nights and with a wind.. brrr..

Similar to the heater I use, this one is smaller, with a broken globe, so can not be used yet

Bought an older XL Homelight chainsaw, metal not plastic, that was not running took it to the local Chainsaw guy, he fixed it for $50 so for $90 total, I have a chainsaw that will last another 5-10 yrs, not the 2yrs with the new plastic models.


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