Getting older!!!!

you know your old when… you spend 4 weeks looking for computer cables to find they are in a hidden pocket in your laptop bag! This was about 30 minutes after I bought a new set of cables for the Blackberry and found out I can take out the flash card from the camera and put it into the new laptop, it has a slot for them.. LOL .. old is old…

Misc info.. 🙂

In my cube van, camper/truck I have used Reflectix and DuroFoam as insulation. What a difference. The one back wall that does not have insulation in the walls it quite cold, so yes it does work. That wall is a problem to insulate so I am doing a work around.

In the main living area, I have just put down underpad, and 3 area rugs, the overlap in the middle gives my tooties extra carpet thickness for a bit more insulation, there is less on the sides where there is no overlap, so on the sides there is only 2 layers of though rug.

As I have smoked windows, I took some large clear bubble wrap, folded so the bubbles were inside and stuffed them in the windows. Wow, what a difference in temps. Now I will take them out, tape the edges to keep the layer of air in there as well and re-ensert them into the windows. On the inside I will add a layer of clear plastic or clear plastic sheet, not sure yet which way I will go.

The ceiling has a layer of duroFoam and during the high temps of summer the inside temp dropped from 148 deg Far, to 95 deg Far. There is a section that was curved and I only added in the Refletix there, although similar R rating, there is definitely a difference in temps, I think it has to do with the thickness of the materials used.

I just bought a Big Buddy heater and have not used it yet even though the temps have fallen to 0 deg celius, 32 deg far. With the little Coleman, I have to open the top vent to let the extra heat out, as it is too hot. I also have the room and have put in a portable kerosene heater I picked up from similar to craigslist for you Americans.
Pros Kerosene is quiet, does not smell if adjusted properly, or only slight odour that I do not mind.
Cons Expensive fuel, the 5 gal container now costs $20 and will last only 3 days of continuous use at low setting, and will last 4-5 nights / evening combos at low setting and turning it off while I sleep in under the covers. Restarting in the morning while I get breakfast and get dressed, although to be honest I do get up to pee and turn it on, then get back under the covers for a few minutes as it heats up, I am not as young as I used to be!

Pros, comes in handy portable containers that you just plug the hose into, cost is less per ltr or gal, than kerosene so it will last longer and can be left on during the days for longer as well, when the temps drop to below freezing during the days as well.
Cons, noisy, need to create / find a regulator so I can run my little Coleman heater until the bigger Big Buddy is needed. Right now it only uses the little one gal bottles and is quite expensive to run unless used just to heat up the area quickly and then turned off.

WOW.. not impressed.. LOL…
now I get to see the pics on the computer, looks like the lens on the camera is pouched or dirty from the inside, the photos are almost useless… LOL.. my luck
well here are two anyways.


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