Letter to someone asking about Preppers and documentary

so what do you all think of my letter? His question from a forum is posted below!

I might be interested, but will not have the same things happen that did to the Americans! Their locations were shown, in a couple of incidences and their names published. That will make you a target, have people show up and steal your stuff and generally make your life uncomfortable or down right nasty.

My Wilderness Return journey can be found on my blog, there is a link in my name, or on the personal page. My Prepping is done on the cheap, I am living in my survival vehicle, bug out vehicle and have a main area that I live in, a Bug out location that is my buddy’s and wife’s property that we are just starting on from scratch, and a secondary bug out location if things hit the fan and I am unable to get to my primary location in a hurry. Do not fee sorry for me, I can afford a sticks and bricks location if I wanted one, but after losing my 2nd house to another wife, I am actually happier in my vehicle, quite comfortable really. The vehicle is still in a state of upgrade work so some is only rough done in, it is my home.

My primary location, I also plan on living there part time this year, in the bush, building a Rocket Mass Heater for warmth and live there full time next winter in my canvas tent.
During the Summer I will be living there part time, due to the location, so working either one week and then one week in the bush or half a week each, will see what happens, as the future unfolds.

Most Preppers meet on the internet, some few meet in person, yesterday met some in the area for the first time. That was a nice change, talking to someone in RL who does not think your crazy. If I could talk to any of my Grandparents about this, they would wonder what the fuss was all about. Only two generations ago, having a supply of food and materials for 2-4 months was the normal state of affairs for most every North American. I believe we the Preppers now are just returning to our roots and dropping some of the pretence of this so called modern consumer driven society. An artificial society created in the 50’s to help drive the Economy.

Security for all, must be a clause that is written in the contract!

The question;
A documentary about prepping
by Docguy » Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:27 am

Hi everyone,

I am a writer for MC2 Communication Media. We prodce documentary and are currently pitching some idea to the CBC. One, and my personnal favorite, is a documentary about prepping in Canada. The idea is to get someone who is totally unprepared and to show how he could get ready if the worse happen. In this journey, we also meet with tachers and expert taht show us that there is indeed dangers of a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI event. The point to make to the “unpreppeared” (I don’t know if you have a term for us is: and if those preppers were right after all?, if the SHTF, should we not know a little more about good pratices?

I am awfully late, but we just received a confirmation of a meeting this week! I would like to put a little more meat around the bone of the project. My questions are really about the way you organise your lifes around prepping. What choices does it involve, is it expensive, why did you do it ans do you meet from time to time or is it more of a solo project.

If any of you have thought to share on those point, please feel free to write it down right here or mail me at: charles@mc2.ca. If we could have a short conversation over the phone, that would be great.

Also, and I know I should not point my finger but…, xxxxxx, I saw that you are a very active member of this commmunity. Since you are near Montreal, I would love if we could get in touch this monday in the morning (14th of november), that would really be nice.

Ok, this is it. I know I am taking somewhat of a long shot, but I think it worth it.




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