Us and Memories of Nan, Nanny, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Greatgrandmother, Friend

To my Nan; Eulogy start
Who we are and what we are;
What we are is a Spirit/Soul
Who we are is a collection of memories and experiences, I choose memories that are good to remember, and experiences that are beneficial and helpful.

Let me explain a bit, my Nan died with Dementia, and this year due to an infection I lost almost all my memories and Facial recognition, as well as some nerve issues that were like paralysis. This in short is a mini Dementia.

So why share this about me, well maybe sharing this will help you with your memories about Her, my Nan, Nanny, Hazel, Mother,
Grandmother, Friend, for Who we are is determined by the shared memories and experiences with each other.

Similarities; My memories work by strong emotions and associations along with feelings. Her memories seemed to be the same way, do not remember her as the person in the wheel chair in the Home at the end, choose to remember her in your favourite memory, be it the little girl on the big work horse at the farm or the loving Mother or Grandmother bustling about during one of our Family get-togethers.

Remember; The person sitting over a cup of Tea and Cookies, O how she loved her Tea and Cookies. Strong tea, Earl Gray Tea, very Strong ;D
Remember; The person bustling about the kitchen, preparing food for the Gang, as she used to call everyone who came over. The Gang was made up of friends, family, acquaintances, neighbours, anyone really was welcomed to drop by, the Gang.
Remember; The Minister, the Mother, the Sister, the Friend, the Grandmother, the Lady at the Salvation Army Kettle, the Little Girl riding around the yard on the big work horse named Joe, squealing with delight, laughing along with her Father and other little sisters, those other little girls, eight of them running around the Farm and house.

What we are is the Spirit
Who we are is the collection of memories we leave with other, memories that never die, memories that stay hidden and locked away until the time for a laugh or smile is needed.
Remember; those times and memories, choose to remember happy shared times, put away those other recent memories, bury them deep for I believe she also lived in the happy memories.

Her memories of her life, with her young Minister Husband, her two small daughters, her little sisters running around on the farm, and when she came back closer to the present time, she remembered the Grandkids, Great grandkids, Nieces and Nephews, and family and Friends.

Remember; Who we are and What we are!



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3 responses to “Us and Memories of Nan, Nanny, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Greatgrandmother, Friend

  1. My migraines were horrendous, the nausea impaired my ability to get out of bed and my facial swelling made me look like a fiend.

  2. Â When I lived with my grandmother, I did wrong her and while I always had the intention of making it right, I was not able to do so before she died.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Not to many people in your position are so gracious. Your article was very poignant and understandable. It helped me to understand very clearly. Thank you for your help.

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