Simple title, not so simple in reality though is it.
Family stress, work stress, living stress, Christmas stress, deaths, health, lost people who might have been murdered, threatening Landlord who is a bully with a huge ego just found out, he reached my wall pushed it and got bounced back Ten feet.

All this coupled with my Memory issues and this last two weeks have been more than stressful is there an end in sight, we will see. It would help me to remember to take my Vit B12 and D3, but I keep forgetting. So now my memory is slipping and the stress building, hhmm let me just sit here in my Van, write this and come to grips with some of it as best that I can.

My Nan Died and was Buried;
My Mother was diagnosed with a Cancer like infection in her lungs called I.P.F. non curable, 3-5 yrs
My Sister has been missing for years and may have been murdered, info from a Detective that I spoke with. I need to give him some more info. There have been lots of women similar to her to have been murdered in the last 10 yrs. There is a predator out there, killing and leaving no traces and very few bodies either. So when to tell Family of this?

Landlord threatened me for the last time, he came up to me shooting off his mouth and bounced his chest off of mine, and got a Martial Arts shove in return, he staggered back about 10 feet, quite surprised. He then called me out to beet me up, I laughed at him, told him right now, right here, he said outside I said ok let me hold the door for you. He got 1 foot out the door and then backed down like the coward/bully that he is. Do not be afraid to stand up to bullies, or get Police involved, do not let them get to you, ever.

So now I am moving out of the office / storage this month, downsizing and selling off stuff. Made arrangements for parking some floor machines at a buddies business to be sold and give him a percentage for keeping them there for buyers to see. Now the only reason I am upset is that it disrupts my plans to go to the property and work there for the weekend, next weekend, so not happy.

Tomorrow at 4pm at Envirosponsible in Whitby, there is a Preppers meeting, I am hoping to be going, it all hinges on work and timings.


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