Doggy packs

Hey Dog Lovers,
Be careful with larger dogs. 1 yr old is still a puppy, Large breed dogs fully mature at 3+ yrs.
I started my dogs at age 1 with full sized and medium sized packs but they were only filled to about 1/3rd capacity. By about age 3 the dogs had full sized packs fully loaded, in the winter I used a harness and let them pull around logs and toboggans. This they loved to do, we made it a game, always a game.

When the old dog was too stiff and tired to walk, the younger dog was volunteered/voluntold to pull the old dog in a buggy or a sled, they did not like that, but got used to it.

When I grabbed my pack, they went to theirs and got exited for an adventure! The contents always had the same basic kit, Food and water, then the contents changed per the season. In each of their packs was some small dried tinder, fires starters and a locking blade and flashlight. Small and just in case, sometimes doubling up or tripling up will save your life. I never used ours, but always took them along.

I also included a home-made doggy rain coat. If you get stuck out in the rain, they do not like to get soaked either and they will get sick just like us. There was also a smaller sized tarp to be used as a makeshift dog house. keeps the rain off, gives them a sense of security and gives them a place to sleep that feels like home, so they stop trying to get into the tent.

Have fun with your Dogs, take them on the trails, let them help out and carry packs, they have been doing so for 1000+ yrs now. In the old days, Dogs were made to carry smaller travois as well, they pulled their own weight for the group or were probably eaten for supper. Times are easier now and they get to retire instead of getting put in the stock pot. Every wonder why it was called the stock pot!


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