Re: how did you end up here?

Re: how did you end up here? This is a question posted on a forum so I will share my brief thoughts on the matter, draw a roadmap to my end goals.

Ex military and bush monger, so survivalist to prepper. Found info online, about storing food, years ago, it was a LDS site.
Then progressed to making the Excel spreadsheet more all inclusive. Changed my thinking from just having food around to how to grow it myself, sustainable living. Sustainable living to Permaculture-Prepper.

Due to being divorced for the 3rd time, don’t ask, don’t do it, stay single (ps just got a dog, so no worries there 🙂 and keep your credit. I found someone who had an online ad in about living off grid and permaculture. So I went and met them, all good, now helping on the property to make it a sustainable permaculture garden and forest area.

I will be building my own little home there and with my Dog Zelda, it will feel like home as well.


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