Cuba can help North Americans deal with Peak oil crisis

Watch the Movie; Power of Community How Cuba survived Peak Oil Crisis (slovenski podnapisi) see how the US and Canada can be saved by Cuba
The US created a Peak Oil situation, compounded by the downfall of the Russian Economy.

Cuba has not only survived by thrived by learning Permaculture and redesigning their community and education models.
Can we do the same?

It is not too late, try reading about Permaculture, Googling it, youtubing it. Do whatever you can to learn, and start growing your own small permaculture gardens.

What am I up to Tonight

Do you really want to know what I am UP TO?

well now, watching documentaries on Prepping and Permaculture. Learning about the Cuban permaculture response to Peak Oil, US intervention and Russian economic collapse, that has help to shape the Cuban landscape and their peoples.

Making up some plans for my upcoming series of videos, for training and learning purposes. Setting up a framework for timings, location, content and execution of the videos.

Spoke with the director of the CBC Documentary today for the first time on the phone. We will be meeting at my buddies property, next weekend to go over the shooting sequences we had in mind for the documentary, and our set-up.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Puppy update;
She is being taught by me, how to stay,
how to stay in the back of the vehicle,
how not to get into trouble going into the garbabe!
how to heal properly,
how to walk on the left, not on the right side, like the last family
mistrained her to do.
other than that she is a big gently goofy puppy.
or forgot, how not to growl or bark at everyone she sees, scares the
crap out of them. Only I am allowed to do that, ;p

damn my dog just farted, new large puppy and changing food, and giving treats, and “O my Got in Himmel, time to open the vent up!”
cheers for now


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  1. Thousands make a pilgrimage to Union City each year to see the nation†s longest running passion play and the annual Cuban Day Parade of New Jersey.

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