Tents for Winter and Guests

I have 2 canvass tents, I plan on putting them together, with the stove in the middle and get a big canvass tarp to go over both enclosing them in. I want to buy some of the concrete footings for decks, get a 4×4 post or two, take to site and cut each to a level height. Then run some logs over them and tie them together, put some boards across, stuff some insulation under them and voila, a warm floor. Still looking for the link to the canvas tent maker in BC or Alberta who sells the chimney holes. I know that sounds weird, but the material is hard to source and it is fireproof, square outside and circular in the middle. Instant safe pipe hole for the tents.

The whole point of doing the tents, is that it will become a visitors centre later on, if we have visitors, or guests, they can stay there, and our Hovels, Homes will be still ours.

Any input or ideas on that issue, any other issues??
cheers and chat later.

My new home for the Acreage, winter and summer

I emailed 3 Canadian Companies about the fireholes.
Northwest Shelters sent me a reply in 20 min!!
Deluxe Wall Tents sent a reply in 2 hrs!!
Wow to both of them.
The third company I am still waiting for, though it has not been 24hrs yet.


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  1. Lake Lili

    Cabelas also sells tents designed for heating with stoves, including roof pannel protectors and floor tarps. See link:

    While Cabelas still hasn’t built a store here in Ontario, there are stores for the lucky in Winnipeg and Edmonton. Our closest is in Flint, Michigan, but the on-line shopping is good with them.

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