I live in my Box Truck Full time!

Paintergirl asked about living in my Truck so here it goes;
Yes, I live in my Truck full time, it has windows, vents and roof vent, the drawback is the roll up door in the back, in the future, I will look for the barn door style. In the spring will be operating my business storage out of it as well. I am downsizing everything. Too many types of services, so just paring it down to two.
Carpets; Commercial
Windows; Restoration and Resi – Commercial

my camper truck in winter time

Freedom on 4 wheels

I am getting rid of everything really. Take gear to the property, have a separate back up Van for bug out vehicle/storage and a small utility trailer. In the downsizing situation, right now I have a small office and storage set-up. The landlord is a real jackass, and in Two months, I will not have to deal with him ever again. In separating myself from the equation, I took almost 2 weeks to deliberate and look at where I want to go, what I want to do and how to go about doing it.

Most things I do now, I will not do soon. Window Cleaning and Window Restoration will be the main focus and Commercial Carpet cleaning will be the 3rd service. I will be able to keep everything in the back of the Truck-Camper as well as in the utility trailer. My spare Van, I hope to bring to my buddies place and use it for Prepper/Survivalist storage, use as a genset, yes, large one that gets good economy and is quieter than a Honda genset. Cost, just a bigger inverter!

Storage; you can use big plastic totes, yes, though right now I am sort of stealthy parking so can not have stuff that looks like I live there under the vehicle or beside it. Do not keep valuables in it though, mice will chew through them and thieves will take them! I can not stress that enough! I do have some metal locker/storage totes, that I will be filling up with stuff and putting in the back or in the spare van, mice! arrggggg..

Just get rid of stuff, we have way too much stuff, stuff stuff stuff! In the old days, people moved about with a Trunck that was it. Some cloths, some tools and knew how to make their own tools. I am downsizing, I went from a 3 bedroom house with a den and garage to my camper, back up van, work van and utility trailer, and my soon to be gone office storage. I am just selling off the equipment there, get rid of it, do not need to have heated space anymore and will save about $200+ a month.

I live off grid, stealthy in the back of a Farm. Providing Security, that is what I tell everyone who asks, or comes to the locked gate. The property has lots of machines and scrap metal there. Since I have been there, he has had no thefts at all. If you do not live stealthy by all means but skirting and cover the tires, it will save you tons on heating, and the floor will be much warmer. Right now, on top of the wood floor I have a basement rated under pad, and now about 5 layers of rugs and carpeting. If and when I do it again, I will not use resi carpeting, just carpets, and make sure they fit better, screw them down so they do not move about. Geezz do they ever float around if not tacked down!

Bubble Wrap in the windows makes them energy efficient and wind proof.

Solar for the battery charging, and I am trying to build a wind generator, but might just break down and buy one, ready made. I do have the little survival genset in the back of my Van right now, little dude old, bullet proof design 300 watts. The other is an 800 watt, Chicago Genset. This wattage it a bit low, so the upgrade will be 1500 or 2500 watts. The advantage is this 800 watter is light and can be moved very easily is fairly quite and starts great.

My little utility trailer fits on the back no problem pulling it, with my 7.3 ltr Diesel engine Ford 1988 Box Truck with Ambulance package. Now do not ask me what the package is, the only thing that was left of it, was the Vents and windows. The truck does need some work, that I am slowly getting around too. It does drive nice, gets better fuel mileage than my older Astros did, and rode nicer as well. It is a little loud when you drive, so will be putting in some more sound proofing in the cab.

The back is now separated into the front being the living area, and the back 1/3 is a workshop and storage area. Soon to house my genset, with a rubber mat to sit on, a muffler to make it quieter and to run the exhaust out the bottom. Air intake is by way of the non sealed rear roll up doors, way lots of air let me tell you.

I use the back as a shower area as well in the summer and in the winter, I make do in the front area, or just go to the gym. For the shower I use tap water that I get from the local gas station, very nice attendant lets me fill up a 7 gallon plastic pail. I then put some water, about a gallon into a pump up sprayer. Get in a plastic tub, pull the plastic sheet around me and use the spray pump as shower head. I use less than a Gallon normally, sometimes as little as 2 ltrs and come out smelling nice and fresh. Just ask my Dog, whom by the way needs a bath herself, thanks for reminding me. The grey water is emptied into a depression/hole in the ground and covered up. Dishes are cleaned using two hand held sprayers from the Dollar Store. One with soap already in it, I use Dove as it is more Eco friendly. By using the hand held sprayers, I save so much water it is great. You haul water in plastic totes or pails, you conserve water. The Gray water is disposed of the same way. For number 2 dodo, I use a porta potty and use kitty litter, waste is disposed of a few times a week. This way I do not have to worry about dumping and in the winter kitty litter does not freeze. This also does not use water, so saving water is great for me, in all aspects of living here. If it was permanent and not stealth I would utilize the rain water, which is very pure after the first 2 minutes of raining. (yes, lots of research and data to support it, also used my water tester to verify)

Well that is about all for now,



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4 responses to “I live in my Box Truck Full time!

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  2. It makes a lot more sense than going into debt slavery for decades. Eliminating monthly expenses is going to be the way to go, especially as the economy gets worse.


    • Thanks for the comment George,
      this way of living is not for everybody though. Surprisingly enough there are quite a few people living in vehicles even in Canada, there are a lot more in the US.

    • When you look back into history, you will find it was very common and even accepted back after WWI and right on up to the 50-70s then things changed, consumerism shaped North America and police hunted those people down and made most get apartments.

      There is a revival to this way of life and I truly feel uncomfortable in a house that is too big. My Carbon footprint is small my Eco footprint is much larger.

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