Off Grid my power situation

I live completely off grid. There is no Water hook up, there is no power hook up!

In the topic I started about living in my Bug Out Vehicle it answers some of your questions. First off, I can afford a sticks and bricks location, I choose not too! This is part of my prepping and downsizing. I also feel at home here, not in a house now.
I have a bug out location, in the woods, at my buddy’s place, a secondary location that is closer to me, with a stocked pond and small woodland if needed.

some small solar panels right now at my Vehicle, my buddy has more for the property, we will bring them up in the spring. Winter time, they have to be in the sun getting position, all the time, or not enough power at all. Next winter I will have two small wind turbines, one self made and the other small one, store bought.
Wind in the winter, supplemental in summer, solar supplemental at these times..
Solar in Spring – Summer – Fall, wind supplemental at these times.

You must have at least one Charge controler to make sure you do not fry your batteries. Now on YouTube there is someone who made a charge controller that diverted excess power to a heat bank, can you say awesome in the Winter. The excess power is converted into heat, now I remember this, but can not find the link 😦

Batteries right now, two smaller 12volt electric scooter deep cycle. Better option, Semi used deep cycle Golf Cart Batteries, or a Fork Lift battery. Do some poking around, you can pick those batteries up for about $50-80 used as opposed to $300 new.

Today, I asked about some solar panels that were in a Fireplace shop, they are not used, left overs that were not installed. They run $517 each with mounting hardware. They output, max 240 volts, do not remember the watts he told me, need to look that up. These are commercial, well made, not the rinky dink stuff that Canadian Tire sells. These will last a good long time.

Carbon, the cost of 30 -300 watt solar panels, would be absolutely huge, huge cost. With the larger Golf Cart or Forklift batteries, you might only need between 5-10, so big cost savings. A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a fellow that has had used Golf Cart Batteries being used now for about 5 years and they are still going strong.

Now, my question to everyone is this, why do you need so much power? Reduce your needs and you reduce what you need to run, less power used equals less power needed. Switch to LED lights, no heat, no loss of power, and take very little energy. I forgot after Xmas time to go and get a couple of strings of Christmas LED lights to use in the Camper. Lots of lights and very little power input.
If you have a Fridge that runs on power, consider two alternatives.
A. Propane, large full sized Propane Fridge, yes about 1000 but so much more eco friendly and power friendly. They have a 110 volt back up and can be run on one 1 pound bottle for about a month, wow energy miser. That is from literature. Propane appliances have grown up.
B. Consider building and investigating, Earth Fridges. Some are made like chest freezers that go into the ground, below your kitchen, some are stand up units, open right down to the ground and into the ground with wire baskets all the way up beyond your head level. They use ? induction? air flow to chill and cool.

My little crank radio that has been using the same set of rechargable batteries, actually on the same charge from last spring, if I remember correctly is very power efficient. The radio does have a hand crank, but that is a lot of cranking every 5 min or so, or 1 set of batteries, per every 2 years. It can also bring in the weather networks.

I stopped watching TV, do not even have it hooked up, sits in a corner in my Office. I watch on Laptop or on small porty DVD player that can also play into a Low cost LCD monitor, low power, great picture, small footprint as well.

Carbon, I have seen some Aquaponics system that mostly use gravity feed or small low power water pumps, natural lighting, it all keeps the cost of power down.

I do have a small genset, it is 800w but should have gotten a 1800w system. The I could use my battery charger with it!
I cook with propane, have wood or alcohol stove as a back up, use propane to heat but have kerosene as a back up and will soon install, make a small wood burner stove in the camper.
Lighting, look for the umbrella lights, they are awesome, LED, multi purpose and 12-24 LED lights that give great all around lighting. I also want the Xmass LED’s but will have to wait. Backup and nightly use of Kerosene and Oil lamps, along with homemade veggie oil lamps supply my lighting.

Cold Fusion, I want Cold fusion, that would be so cool and low cost no wonder the Governments and Oil companies as well as Nuclear keep shutting it down.



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2 responses to “Off Grid my power situation

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    B&D Liquidation, 4-20 Strathy Road, Cobourg 1 (905) 377-0621 had, as of one week ago, two sets of LED umbrella lights (the type that clamps around the pole, not on strings (pretty sure they had 12 bulbs in 4 sets of 3).
    The store’s only open Thursday to Sunday, so the odds are pretty good they’re still there. Good luck, if this is what you’re looking for.

  2. Hello Deb,
    thanks for the email and answers. I am looking at the site right now. I go a lot to The Army Store, he has a booth in the Courtice Flee Market as well as the store in Scarborough.

    Do you have any Honey for sale? I am going to the Ajax/Whitby border today, although I might go to Cobourg first 🙂
    cheers and thanks.

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