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Permalink to my Books Page, Books and Links to my Book page with continuing informational updates.

The link contains, there are some cute little drawings for kids as well, many recipies and real world info, such as how to care for donkeys and cows, and so much more

To coin a phrase it is a Motherload of Information, most is Catagorized, I have had the link for sometime, have downloaded and saved some of the info in the past and came across the link in another website again, so thought of passing it along.

Re-Read and reading two of my all time favourite books, both Canadian Authors and situations;
The Last Canadian by William C. Heine
Three Against the Wilderness by Eric Collier

The Third book I can not find is the ‘Cabin at Singing River’ Author Turner
all of them are real accounts of Canadians living in the Wilderness and carving out a living for themselves along with the trials and tribulations of those lives. Inspiration for me.

Cheers ~ WildE



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2 responses to “Books page

  1. I am also reading Three Against the Wilderness – bought it at a book fair as it looked very interesting…..
    One of my all time favourites is At Home in the Woods by Vera and Bradford Angier. I had it over 25 years ago, lost it somehow, then found another copy in 2010 in Victoria BC via a online Google search! A great inspiring and practical book.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I will go and look for it.

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