Rocket stoves when the gas is gone

Here are a few links that have tons of Rocket Stoves, Hobo Stoves and the like.
For the ones who do not know;
Rocket Mass Heaters are for heating you house or trailer, can also be used to cook with
Rocket Stoves are for cooking with, they also give off heat, though the mass is normally missing

a list of lists of rocket stoves (this one and the one before are on Ammo Box Stoves, two cause they are cool, and ammo boxes)

another good option is to use a Haybox (cooking via thermal mass heating and continual heating) … rs/haybox/

The following is a link to a very cool website, this particular link is for the one page instructables, the following is for the section that most are in. See also links to the side

and Survival site in the main site

The power goes out, you grab your stove, do you try to heat the entire house or just a room some thoughts;

We did this in the military many times, it is so much easier to heat the tent, especially if it is canvas inside a room than to heat the room itself. Another option would be to make a tarp Tent inside the room, make an inside heat trap using simple sheets as well. If you have lots of time, you could line the walls with Sand Bags, create an inside wall structure with walking room or storage room on the outside of the sandbags, next to the regular walls. Create an inside roof of Canvas or similar material and then heat this mass, from experience once the sand bags are heated up, they stay warm for quite a while.

The problems with heating the entire room is the rooms construction, the heat will constantly be absorbed by the thermal mass of the walls and of the earth. The heat and warm air will find the smallest of openings to escape into, and quickly escape the room. Heating the thermal mass of the surrounding earth and structure, now normally this is a good thing, but in an emergency with no end in sight or even a known time frame of say 1-2 weeks to restore the power, you are conserving fuel, using a layered system of thermal mass and air mass to conserve the heat. With unlimited or seemingly unlimited supplies of fossil fuels and natural gas, heating the entire house is feasible. With a modest stack of even 6 containers of fuel, you will quickly go through them if you’re trying to heat the entire wall and mass of earth.

In the past, layering won out time and time again, another thing of note is to block the entrance to the basement, drape sheets or tarps before and after the door to create a heat sink, wind sink, the efficiency of your efforts are greatly increased then.

If I still had my house, I would make a Rocket Mass Heater, put it into the basement, use it to at least bring the house temps up to 60-70′ deg and top off with the Natural Gas Furnace. I have seen videos and read articles that state entire wings of the house are heated thus, morning and night or just the day before, feeding the Rocket Mass Heater to warm the house. Even 1 cord of wood in the backyard will allow you to use the Rocket Mass Heater to lower your bills. They burn so efficiently a small inconspicuous vent will go unnoticed and in this case not draw attention either. They can be fed using only sticks or by splitting the wood into much small pieces, thus conserving wood as well.

Videos show people putting their faces right up to the vent, no smoke no carbon emissions over the normal air, now they are a little crazy, use a meter. OPSEC is greater if they can not smell wood smoke, using 98% of the efficiency of the wood is just plain smart.


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10 responses to “Rocket stoves when the gas is gone

  1. I’m asking my wife for the EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove as a Christmas gift.

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  4. Thanks like your Rocket stoves when the gas is gone | WildernessReturn

  5. Kendrick Moyerman

    It’s hard to find experienced people on this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  6. It is ECO to Recycle, so I took his title and made it my own 😀

  7. James Tousignant

    When the gas is gone, I wonder where I saw that one last,

  8. I wanted to follow up with a few comments.

    Seeing some of the searches and search terms which are as follows;
    rocket stoves, heating, tipis, tipi, tent, heating them, heating, cooking, can a rocket stove be used in a tipi or in a tent, etc.

    Most Rocket Stoves are open, with the flames coming out of the top, you put a grill or apparatus on top to set your pot or pan to cook with. A Rocket Mass Heater on the other hand is the style that is similar to a wood burning stove. The Rocket mass heater can have a compartment build in to bake with, bake cakes and bake breads, or cook or bake pizzas. These if done properly can be used to heat your tent.

    The Rocket Heater with the flames shooting out of the top, should not be used in a Tent, Tipi or other enclosed area. The flames do come out higher than a regular Coleman or Kerosene cooking stove and they are not recommended for use inside the tents, tipis or other shelters.

    With a fly or vestibule set-up properly over or outside your Shelter, you should cook in that, under it, beside it as in the stove outside and you inside the overhang. This is just in case flames shoot upwards, I would rather loose a fly or vestibule in a worst case scenario than loose the whole tent.

    I was always taught to have a sharp knife on you or close to you while in a tent or tipi or other shelter, just in case you had to slice your way out in an emergency. Preparation and planning can and will save lives, so save yours and your loved ones, keep a knife close, do not cook inside a tent, look into building a Rocket Mass Heater or get an approved Catalytic Heater for use inside Tents and Tipis.

    Be safe, play safe, enjoy the woods and bush safely.
    Cheers ~WR

    here is a link to a post on Rocket Mass Heaters and some thoughts about making them

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