Why live in the North

The pic above was shot in the North, says most of it right there!

My Fav area is the North, why;
people are better there
less dependent on electricity
people do not trust the Gov there
Growing season shorter, but not as short as the Yukon or Alaska – people have gardens there
not encircled by Nuclear Reactors
less chance the Zombie hordes will live long enough to get there
too far away for the Zombie walkers and Bicyclists as well
The North is just Beautiful!
The Women wear real shoes in the country in the North they wear those and Hikers/logger boots/combat boots – my kinda women!
Gardening in the North starts a bit later outside most start it inside and transfer
Permaculture would thrive there if you did it the Sepp Holzer way!
Neighbours are more likely to come to a barn raising – in the South they say invite me to the party only
lots of woods,
still lots of wildlife
lots of Beaver to support the wildlife
some areas are Fly in only so no Zombies will get there
Sunsets, Sunsets, Sunsets
more snow in the Winter (for now?)
more snow, more insulation for the roof, warmer inside
combat clothing is normal wear, so you buy 3 pairs of combat pants for $25 each down here you buy 1 pants at Mark’s for $75
– combat clothing lasts for about 10yrs with rugged use, Mark’s Clothing about 5yrs tops – So saving Hundreds
better fishing
less restrictions on Building Codes,
more Tolerance for sustainable buildings and alternate buildings.
People are still natural, historical Preppers there!
People like us on the Forum would not stick out, we would blend in

traffic jams now imagine in emergency situations
traffic jams now imagine in emergency situations

Zombie Hordes now
Zombie Hordes now!



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2 responses to “Why live in the North

  1. Your shouldn’t tell them, next thing you know the forest are gone the free ways rolled out hydro line webbing all over. You forgot to say bears , black fly’s as big as a mice, mice as big as cats. Snow over your head, forest firers all summer. the city are much better. 🙂

  2. Yes, city dwellers should stay in City Parks, really much nicer there

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