SHFT Run to the Hills and Parks

My thoughts run to this,
everyone and his dog knows about Provincial parks, they will be overcrowded and rife with strife!

Off the beaten path, as in crown land, if it hard to get to then yes. But, when your months worth of food is gone, no more gas for the generator, what do you do then? There will be no wild animals of any numbers left within 2 months, all the regular yahoos will be out shooting everything that moves, will not conserve and just how many 100k of people with guns do you think our environment will support?

Strategic alliances with farmers are the way to go, but and a big but, most will not even think on that stuff now. So, I am trying to rent a spot on a farm right now, and it is work to do that. Now this is when it is the worst case scenarios, if it is the worst case, full blown all out war, then a depression, if EMP or Coronal Mass Ejection similar to the 1880’s or the 1980’s that hit Quebec, though on a larger scale, there will be a mass die off of the population.

If the Coronal Mass or EMP hits just right, no electronics. The one that hit in the 1880s was said to cause the Telegraph lines to pop and sizzle, the glass connectors that connect to the poles to shatter. With the reports I have read on the experiments done by the Russians and the US in the 60s – 70s, even generators that were not connected to grids, did not have electronics were inoperable. If you do not have a Faraday Cage, lots of money to have double of everything in the Faraday Cage, it will not be like the 1880s it will be worse! Everything works with electronics and from some of the reports even non electronic vehicles and generators will not work either without major overhauls, this takes time. No food delivery for months, if it hits in Winter, massive die off as the harvest will be in the Fall for most things. Southern US will come out better as they can have 2 harvests whereas the Northern Areas only have 1.

Why worse, because we have lost the knowledge of the people in the 1880s, we do not have the wooden and metal pulley systems that they had, nor the knowledge on how to make them either. The 1880s had a lead up period, we will have lead down period, hence the US, Russia and China building vast subterranean complexes and bunkers, the only way to keep electronics and people fully separated and able to function later on.

How many people do you know even on farms who have the animal pulled machines operable and able to use them. Did you know that on some farms, they used human or Cow/Ox power to pull them? Oxen take about 3 yrs to become big enough and have enough training to be fully utilized for husbandry.

Now this is just the absolute worst case scenario, I am thinking survival rate in some areas to be about 40% in others, perhaps as low as 20%. The 40% will be in secluded areas like Northern Canada, Mountain Valley communities or lake surrounded communities. With those people surviving, only the People with Prepper, Pioneer or Adventurer spirits and some corrupt Government officials will make it. The Human Locusts/Zombie Hordes will clean everything in their path, kill the hold outs, unless you are secluded or very hard to get to. Then they die off, or most of them. No drugs, everyone who is drug dependent dead in about 3-4 months, old people, most dead in 1 month, weak willed dead in 4 months.

It would be nice to sit around a fire and Sing Coombya, all being Cooperative LIKE some think, I just do not think it will turn out that way. If it is only a depression, then it might happen, though there will be a large die off then as well.

Now these are some peoples thoughts, my own included and I have believed this for about 7-9 yrs now, am I ready NO, was it my fault, partially, divorce is a two sided killer of dreams!

So for your sake, my sake and most peoples sake, I really hope it does not come to that, but our way of living needs to change, our thoughts need to change, our priorities need to change, work with Nature not to control or kill off Nature. Power requirements, Oil dependency, Agro Raping of the Earth, Animal Husbandry,covering farmers fields with Mini Monster Mansions, we need to change all of it, or we are doomed.

So cheers and have a nice day hope for the best.


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One response to “SHFT Run to the Hills and Parks

  1. “So, I am trying to rent a spot on a farm right now, and it is work to do that.”
    interesting, do you have a strong back, like getting up early, can work in any weather, winter or summer. Can you kill animals with out squirming.? any odd or wired vises one should now about. 😉

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