Bugging Out to Backup Position

So, the roads are jammed, or EMP pulse has disabled cars what do you do?

That is why I have a bicycle and a home-made cart for it. Move faster, carry more, get ahead of the herd. It worked for some miners going up to the Gold Rushes in both the Yukon and Northern BC, so it will work here. My Dog also has a pack for her and I am building a carting pack and cart for her as well.

here is a version of Dog with Cart Setup

Here is whats called a Sulky harness setup, can you see the differences?

Using bikes that way it quicker, even if all you do is load up the bike and push it, make sure it is balanced well and you can put up to 10x the load you can normally carry. WWI and WWII as well as multiple scenarios in the African Continent have seen people do this.

Another thing I am changing is Tents, moving away from the normal new design tents that use Nylon, back to Canvas Tents. Canvas holds the heat better and can be heated quicker as well. In the Sun it also takes longer to warm up, so you will not be soggy by the time you get out of the rack. Cold weather can see the use of liners, even cotton liners will raise the ambient temps by at least 10degs Fahrenheit.

During the last year alone, I have now reached my goal of 3 Canvas Tents, two that will be combined to make a mini home, the third is to be the portable camping tent. Total Cost so far is $50 for all three. One was free, the other two cost $20 and $30 each. Adding in Smoke/Fire rings will cost $40 per ring, plus $40 for the Sewing by a Canvas Shop.

I stopped using Tea lights as well as Kerosene Lamps in the tents. Have switched to making my own Lights and lamps from Veggie Oil and rolled up paper towel (commercial paper towel works better) or the Hemp/Cotton Jute String (so very cheap now).

Safety is an issue, so using the Veggie Oil is great, light it, flame it, then tip it over since it is so fire proof, it puts itself out, none of the other fuels do that.
~WildE or W.R.

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