Rocket Mass Heater Plans

I have seen people who build covered decks that are really mud rooms. In these Mud rooms they put the heaters, so it frees up space in other areas. The last one I saw, had the deck so long it covered both doors, massive heater with stone around it. Just use some computer fans which are 12v, use even the small 1.5 or 2 watt panels to power them. The excess power can be diverted to a small 12v deep cycle battery, I got mine from a used Electric Bike dealer. One could put an addition onto the back, even insulated Canvas would work, then you increase the mobility of the RV/Camper while creating extra room and a place for the larger heater.

Now I am working on two projects, well actually 3 projects.
1st was simple, I gutted an old Kerosene heater, put in a small catalytic propane heater. I am using the old cabinet from the Kerosene in order to make it safer as well as direct the heat better. Last night, I put an old brake rotor on top, since it is solid metal it took a while for it to heat up, likewise it will take a while to cool down. So there is some mass.

2nd my mechanic uses the old oil he takes out of vehicles to heat his shop. He puts them in some soup cans, 3/4 full then squirts a bit of BBQ lighter fluid into them to get them going. After a while, he will put some wood on top, to really get it heated up. Heating cost $0, although you need to clean the chimney more. I have two portable camping wood stoves now. One brand new the other cost $40 with the home-made chimney.

3rd Will be making a rocket mass heater for this coming Winter and Fall, enough of spending so much money on Propane. I will of course use the propane as an emergency supply or a quick warm up, while the rocket mass heater is doing its thing.

Now seeing as this is a vehicle, RV there is not as much room in it as I would like, so the outlet pipes will be modified. I have picked up some used (although maybe never used at all) gas heater pipes. This will be for the outlet of the Rocket Mass Heater. Since it is already a duel pipe system, the inner pipe, the smaller one will be for the exhaust. The outer ring will be filled with Vermiculite or Perlite. (almost the same, slightly different but very similar) They both hold and retain the heat, are both very lightweight.

Next I will attach a cheap copper or other metal pipe to it, this will be the outside air, so it is warmed as it travels along to the Rocket Heater. The heat and fire will draw the air so no need for a fan for the fresh air intake pipe.

Next, since I finally found a local supplier of Clay, I can now make my Portable Rocket Mass Heater. The base will be a concrete slab/patio stone with some clay bricks with air gaps, so the floor does not get too hot. The combustion chamber will be a Propane Bottle, modified of course. Inside and outside will be the clay to absorb the heat. I will be using a 20pndr for size reasons. Since the Rocket Mass Heater is so efficient, picking up small wood from building sites and other small wood sources will provide the bulk of the fuel. In this I might experiment using the used oil as well. There is a few hundred gallons kicking around this place and I already have the permission to use some of it.

The exhaust since it burns so well, and the way rocket mass heaters work, it will just travel along the floor under my living wall, into my storage/workshop area in the back, down one of the sides that has an opening for the back doors.

I will post a pic later of the Modified Kerosene Heater with the Propane Catalytic


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14 responses to “Rocket Mass Heater Plans

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    products are not really a wilderness survival kit at all.

    Then decide if you want to trust your life to it when things
    are grim. In general, you want to make sure that your earthquake survival kit has enough supplies
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    • This is true, I do have other blog posts on some things to include in a Kit, I also see that you title is 72 hr survival kit, so you must have some good info on the topic as well.

  2. It is always better to opt for home heaters that require less maintenance.
    Make sure the room has proper ventilation. They do not use any combustion fuels and hence are more environmentally-friendly.

    • Odd response, but a legitimate website for a Governor, so I let it in.

      The type of heater you refer to is great so long as you have electricity or other mains power. The whole point of a Rocket Mass Heater or Stove is the efficient use of smaller amounts of resources as well as the efficiency.

  3. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I in
    finding this matter to be actually something which I believe I would by no
    means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely huge
    for me. I’m having a look forward in your subsequent publish, I’ll
    attempt to get the cling of it!

    • daisy

      dude just watch some videos, and wiki never hurts when you come across a concept you don’t quite grasp. don’t discourage yourself you will get the HANG of it!

      • Umm thanks, though this is what the whole post is about. Making them has become a passion, not scary at all! This is to help others in their search and concept realization.

        This is one of my most popular posts, so hoping others find out about this and help the world by creating their own.

      • Daisy, Just noticed that you were responding to the poster and not me, thank you for that!
        now I understand your comments more, cheers

  4. You don’t really need to forget about the patio this winter season especially when you could still enjoy it together with an affordable patio heater.

    • So not sure if the Frances post about Infa Red heaters is spam or not, but..

      Sure if you have electricity then I think the Infa Red Heater technology is great, it heats up the object and not the air, so it is a viable option if you have lots of electricity to spare. The rocket mass heaters, pocket rockets and rocket stoves work great so long as there is wood to fuel them, anywhere!

      cheers all

  5. Look for books by Ianto Evans and

    as well look for info from Earny and Erica

    YouTube, look up channel and Paul Weaton

    now the following link on Paul’s Permy YouTube channel has about 22 Rocket stove links there.

    For all the folks searching and finding my little post here on Rocket Mass Heater Plans, hope this really helps you all out. Do not forget to go to my other post, with the link on this page to the Rocket Stove plans and info

    Now there are other YouTube Channels and tons of info out there, some are lots better than others. BC Truck has some treats on Propane Rocket Stoves for cooking and KBacon has some great info on rocket mass heaters as well.

    Cheers all, happy building and keep warm now, you hear!

  6. I learned quite a bit, great post!

  7. Here is a link to a post I did on Rocket Stoves

    I wanted to follow up with a few comments.

    Seeing some of the searches and search terms which are as follows;
    rocket stoves, heating, tipis, tipi, tent, heating them, heating, cooking, can a rocket stove be used in a tipi or in a tent, etc.

    Most Rocket Stoves are open, with the flames coming out of the top, you put a grill or apparatus on top to set your pot or pan to cook with. A Rocket Mass Heater on the other hand is the style that is similar to a wood burning stove. The Rocket mass heater can have a compartment build in to bake with, bake cakes and bake breads, or cook or bake pizzas. These if done properly can be used to heat your tent.

    The Rocket Heater with the flames shooting out of the top, should not be used in a Tent, Tipi or other enclosed area. The flames do come out higher than a regular Coleman or Kerosene cooking stove and they are not recommended for use inside the tents, tipis or other shelters.

    With a fly or vestibule set-up properly over or outside your Shelter, you should cook in that, under it, beside it as in the stove outside and you inside the overhang. This is just in case flames shoot upwards, I would rather loose a fly or vestibule in a worst case scenario than loose the whole tent.

    I was always taught to have a sharp knife on you or close to you while in a tent or tipi or other shelter, just in case you had to slice your way out in an emergency. Preparation and planning can and will save lives, so save yours and your loved ones, keep a knife close, do not cook inside a tent, look into building a Rocket Mass Heater or get an approved Catalytic Heater for use inside Tents and Tipis.

    Be safe, play safe, enjoy the woods and bush safely.
    Cheers ~WR

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