Basic Idea’s of Hugelculture Gardening Style

Basic Idea’s of Hugelculture Gardening Style.

FarmGal went to a permaculture event on the weekend, here is her first report on the event.

I did not write this, I am just RE-Pressing this, I think it is re-blogging, not so sure lets give it a go!

Cheers to all hope you enjoy the info, cheers to Farmgal for making the original post.  I do believe that the way of commercial agriculture is unsustainable, the way of normal farms are unsustainable, the future relies on these emerging methods.;

Huglebeds – Hugelculture Gardening
Masoula style gardening
Raised bed gardening

Now the two main categories are the Permaculture and Aquaculture styles.  Both require less room for more, more foods, more plants, more freedom for animals and less work for the people. Less fossil fuels, less dependence on chemical sprayers and additions of antibiotics to the animals and fish.

Help spread the word, post, repost and just make a few small permy style areas in a standard backyard, that is enough to get the movement going going and going forward for the future.

p.s. They are not expensive to start or to maintain either!


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