blog retest

Ok, so what is a blog re-test anyways?

Well WordPress is good for somethings and like Facebook they seem to mess it up a lot as well. Today I re-organized the blog, adding and moving links and reference sections around. WordPress somehow will not let me change the format to read a bit then click on the link, in short I want some small blurbs and then you click to read more. 

Well that should be easy right? Wrong! WordPress like Facebook, just decided to change itself one day, now after 15 attempts at making it back to my preffered view of small blocks for each posting, it still will not change. At least the links were working yesterday, up till last week, you had to do the links manually and even then it was hit and miss if they wanted to work or not.

WordPress is great and wonderful and then other times it reminds me of a Teenager, changes for no real reason, does not work when you expect it to, takes lots of persuasion to do simple things, then bam, works other times with no complaints! 

signed Hhhmmmmm wonder what will happen to this and if the post will force it to upgrade itself to the way I want it too.. hmmmmmmph..




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2 responses to “blog retest

  1. Nope did not fix the layout even though in the Help Files it suggested that it would. O well back to the drawing boards.

  2. ps I liked my own post…!!!
    LOL cheers

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