People Spam?


Serious question here actually and I need some imput. Every few days I go in and edit out the spam comments.

So the question, are they really spam? Should I keep the ones that look normal, even though they link to weird websites?
Will allowing these few, actually drive more spammers to the site?

Does it matter? Please offer some feedback



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11 responses to “People Spam?

  1. I get them and read them as well but I don’t put them though if they clearly have a address that is selling something and its typically a one line general thing that is normal but not really related to the site.. One time I felt it “could” have been someone was truly a person with a company address and I approved it and yes, I did see a increase over the next while in the spam box on the amount coming in.. I have personally not done that since.

    • Thank you for the comments and thoughts, I appreciate the feedback and time you took to answer.
      Cheers – maybe next time I will stop by when I am in the Ottawa area and have some tea with you

  2. I don’t get alot of Spam. Maybe because I have my WordPress Blogs’s Settings-Privacy set so that ” Ask search engines not to index this site. ” . I know that I will get less readers, but maximum readers is not my goal. Just a thought…..

    • I have thought of that as an option, being blind to the search indexing. My blog is a hybrid, my journey as well as sharing information to others, so having it invisible would negate the sharing aspect.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer ~WildE

  3. I made the decision to be overly cautious as well. I don’t allow links to websites other than the posters blog. I have only deleted one that I wasn’t absolutely sure about but I decided if it was a real person they could contact me and ask about it:)

  4. WordPress is VERY good at spotting SPAM, but not perfect. Out of the past 200 or so items they marked as SPAM they only labeled one incorrectly (at least for my blog). Sometimes comments are made by people who tell you how much they love your blog, and once you approve that message they are usually free to add other comments without your approval — that is when the real SPAM starts.

    • Thank you Mr Cyclist 🙂
      yes, this morning when I checked it had 25 listed as spam, and only a couple listed were not spam, at least I hope they were not spam!

      Your comment was approved automatically as I am following your blog, and I encourage others to do the same!

      Cheers ~WildE

  5. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions. I will do what you guys do, check them out and then delete them if needed. WordPress does a good job and hopefully non of the ones I let post spams afterwards, but it is easy to delete them as well, so cheers and enjoy the weather in Ontario today!
    Winds up to 65km hr, rain, driving rain, lots of rain, did I mention the wind, blowing things around and running amuk with things.

    The wind is like spam today!

  6. As a follow up note:
    as part of the checking the spam folder this morning, I normally open up the webpage associated with the persons name. This morning there were two comments that looked like gibberish. I thought how odd as the posters email and name looked normal.

    After opening them up, Google had a link at the top that said, the pages are in Finnish would you like to translate. As it turned out, it was Finnish, who knew!

    So from now on, I will need to make a decision, do not allow other languages, or pop them into Google Translate and see what happens!

    As the Finns are an outdoor people, I can relate to that and to their mindset, so lets see how it all goes.

  7. Thinking out loud again;
    when I posted the latest Blog insert and commentary, it was late here, but a normal time over there.

    The referrer was WordPress and Google, so I am thinking that others might be looking in the WordPress homepage. This WordPress homepage shows a feed of all the latests posts and comments in another section as well.

    This would cause a few things to happen all at once, the time of day may dictate who in the world is looking at the WordPress Homepage at different times of the day. These other speaking people, people who live in Europe are used to translating pages from other countries and other Bloggers as a matter of course. We on the other hand, just do not do that at all normally.

    How many of the comments are we deleting that we think are gibberish or spam, that in actuality are someone’s thoughtful and introspective comments to us and to other readers? Yes, the ones that say Viagara or some other spammy thing, are just that spam, but what about the others?

    Since my blog is more about Canada, Ontario and living in the Wilderness or Off Grid, how many people who live in other places in the world, have learned of Canada through TV, Books or Magazine articles are searching for info on Canada, how many of them are thinking we will translate our comments?

    Since I can read most German, French or some Russian and Spanish, those comments are quickly dealt with, it is now the gibberish ones I am thinking I might have to take longer to figure out.

    FarmGal, lives on a working farm, Grandma has info on Midwifes, Bike Guy tells us his product reviews and thoughts. I just wonder, who is searching for info from North America and were are they from?

    I think my last few comments will go onto my Spam and Contact info page for further comments and reading.

  8. And Anita shares here Story of moving back to a farm and food prep in Ontario as well.

    Things that make me go .. hhhmmmmm…..

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