US Gov steals ChickenMans Property in Death

Chicken man finally lost the fight to the US Gov, Local Gov and paid the ultimate price ! 

This is so sad I had to post it here. Although this story happened in the US, and happens all over the US time and again, We in Canada have the same issues and same situations.

So, posting this to show you what our governments are up too!

From another Blog and worth, sharing so you can watch out for what will happen to your or someone you know..

SW June 5, 2012 at 8:37 PM

I just recently found this site and I’m going thru some of the articles. This one was published back in March and it really shows the gestapo at work.

•In September of 2010, Roswell prosecuted Wordes under the new ordinance claiming he had too many birds for his lot size. The judge found him not guilty since he had the chickens before the ordinance became law.
•In September of 2010, he was convicted of grading sediment on his land without a permit and having inoperable vehicles in his yard. He was sentenced to community service.
•In November of 2010, code enforcement served Wordes with a nuisance citation.
•After winning twice in court against the city, the county then got involved and actually cited him for “not properly stacking his firewood.”
•In 2011, the 84 year-old women who held Mr. Wordes mortgage was harassed by the city into selling Wordes mortgage for forty cents on the dollar. The city then began the foreclosure process.
•While in the process of trying to save his home, Andrew Wordes was arrested by Roswell Police on the day that he was to bring paperwork that would’ve delayed his bankruptcy and the foreclosure on his home.
•Wordes was jailed for violating his probation after the city claimed he only served 122 of the 150 hours of community service that he had been ordered to serve. He then served 99 days in jail.
After his release, he placed a sign on his property that read “Trespassers will be construed as a bodily threat” and then waited for authorities to arrive and remove him.

This is a very small part of the article…. please go read the rest. It could happen to any of us.


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