As the title says, I have been feeling uninspired so have not been posting a lot or even at all recently. So if you follow the blog then you will be disappointed, sorry about that.


Father’s Day weekend was a bust again, par for the course.

The dog has been bad for days now, and yet good in other ways, Teenagers! She is almost 2 yrs old now, give or take since they were not 100% sure when I got her, just how old she was.

When life gives you Lemons make Lemon aid, but so far I think I am still looking for the pitcher and running short on water for it!

Listened to a CBC documentary style report on Buffy SainteMarie What an amazing woman, so intelligent, introspective, observant, a Peace Nic who is willing to fight to be heard and fight for causes close to her heart. A peaceful Militant Native Poet, Singer, Songwriter, odd that I have never known (or cared) that she is a Native Woman.

Buffy Sainte-Marie a young woman with a guitar

Buffy Sainte-Marie a young woman with a guitar

A Canadian (native) girl, adopted by American (native) Couple and lived in the US and in Canada. She is self taught in; poetry, writing, singing, piano, guitar and something else too, but I forget what that is. Clearly a very lovely, talented and intellectual person.

I will be looking for her new album to come out and will buy this one as I heard some short clips and was very impressed with the songs and pure music of them.

Lovely smile on Buffy Sainte-Marie

Present day Warrior Poet, Peace Nic Activist for Native rights and liberties

Reminded again today, that if you read body language and depend on it to watch for surprises in people, sometimes your training is wrong. Today I thought someone was getting violent or looking at me as a soft target, so I Switched into Soldier Mode. Well just so happens, sometimes they are looking at you intently because they are Deaf and trying to read your lips, features and body language.




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3 responses to “Uninspired

  1. I’ve always loved Buffy Sainte-Marie and I’m glad she’s still recording music. Another favourite group of the same era, is Peter, Paul, and Mary. Hats off to the older folk singers.

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