Update and Misc post

Sick update

This morning was rough, coughing for 30 min. straight with flem and other things, right through the time I woke till past my shower time. I dressed for work, went to the kitchen but decided to tell them I am taking a sick day. So the big boss sent me to the Medics, not too bad he is ex Military Medic and now a PA (Physicians Assistant, next step is full Doc) so I trust him.

Temp 99.9, so close I asked him if he could do it again, and I would try to raise it that one paltry point to make it an even 100 deg far, so close. He laughed and said, yup your ex military al right!

Medical Thermometer showing temps

So, bed rest for the day, I slept about 8 hrs today and am still feeling tired so not too worried about sleeping tonight. He also gave me some free Tylenol Cold, as the package I bought here cost me $23 – yikers!

Tomorrow is another day, I already feel better, but if I ask for another day off, out I go and I need the money, so suck it up princess, as they say in the military.

Cold Weather Clothing

A person I know posted in the Canadian Preppers site on cold weather clothing, here is my answer to help some others as well;

*They can not wear processed wool,

alternative is Alpaca wool and products,
there is a store near Oshawa/Bowmanville and they say people with processed wool allergies (like myself) can use this product as an alternative.

Polypropylene or Capilene see the sporting goods and hunting sections for these products. Layers, layers, layers. There is a army surplus store out your way, they did the interview with the Canadian Prepper shoot as well, they have the wool overshirts. Damn warm, works awesome, put the polypro underneath with a regular Tshirt etc and you will be very warm.


That way, you take off the heavy coat when working, so you do not overheat, now that is the real problem for most people as they keep the coat on. You work, you heat up, you sweat, then as you cool down the body cools off quickly and the cold causes the sweat to freeze, with the poly/capilleran which is moisture wicking, as well as the wool which is moisture wicking, it helps to protect you from this by pulling the sweat away from the skin. Remember Cotton Kills.

Might also look into Hemp clothing, there are some great Hemp and Bamboo/Hemp combos coming out as well.
Edit – I agree with the Polar Flees as well.

Here is the direct link to the clothing page.

Now I am allergic to processed wool, so I used to wear long sleve Polypro under the wool, it is an unbeatable combination.
http://www.providencesupplies.com/Produ … tegory=113

They are nice folks, he is Ex Cdn Military and they are Preppers.

On this page you will see some links to other countries Wool Pants and Wool Shirts. The best are the Dutch and German ones, unless you can find the Canadian ones, especially the older WWII or Korean War Wool kit.

gc_mountainman posted (he is ex CDN Military as well)

oldschool wrote:I can’t wear wool. Is there anything that will work as well as the wool?


Two thoughts here. If you want to have wool as an option, use a silk or poly-pro set of long sleeve shirt with a long john pant. This should prevent skin to wool contact. I would also recommend a poly-pro liner sock, they wick without absorbing moisture like cotton socks. Then wear a high quality wool sock over them for cushion and warmth.

The other thought was to try Merino wool, it is a very high quality wool from New Zealand if I recall. It has a finer texture, not itchy to the touch. Now, if you have wool allergies, I am not sure what this would do. Worth looking at and researching.

If wool is a total no-go, then I agree with JustABear, use polar fleece. It comes in at least four thicknesses, 100 lightest/thinnest, 200, 300, & 400 thickest/warmest.

Of course, maybe you could use a wool outer layer overtop of a polar fleece middle layer???

Best of luck on your search.



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  1. Hope you’re feeling better by now……
    Thanks for the info – I was never able to wear wool until I tried merino wool. So now I always wear merino wool socks even in the summer…. and they are made in Canada.

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