La Luna & Coyotes

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Tonight as I sat watching the almost full Moon rise over the hill in front of me, the clouds glowed a slight pinkish hue. Colours of the clouds enhanced the view of the rising Moon.

At the 1/3 mark of the Moon rising, the Coyotes started to howl in delight of seeing their night-time friend and Mother Moon. Wonderful and beautiful, how glorious is my Life TV, I have the biggest of Big Screen TV shows, all day, all evening, all night.

Just step outside, return to Nature put down the remote and go remote or just sit on your porch. Remember our roots and heritage, step outside and rediscover reality.

When I moved over 2 years ago, I did not even setup the TV and I feel fine about that. I love sitting or standing by the meadow, watching the world go about its business, the sights, the sounds, the views, the spiritual connection to the land.


Q. Do you think the Coyotes think the Moon is a Mother

Q. Do you think the Coyotes worship the Moon as a Deity

Q. Do you think the Coyotes, just love watching the lovely sight of the Moon rising and greet the Moon and each other with happiness?



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2 responses to “La Luna & Coyotes

  1. I think that coyotes love seeing in the moonlight……..I’m sure they can follow the shadows alot better.
    I love your “TV”……. OLN (Outdoor Living Network)? Discovery? Nature? National Geographic Channel? = sounds like all of them right there in real life.
    It’s great that you are SO attuned to the natural world.
    Keep posting!

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