In the last two weeks I have now found out that 5 comrades in arms 5 military brothers have taken their own lives. Some within, this two-week period, some before. This brings the total to over 50+ troops dead, post military actions, dead post Demons in Ottawa letting them down.

Their Demons were from military missions, not that any of us were not good soldiers, we were trained to be the very best of the best soldiers. We were not trained or ready for kids shooting at us, or having to shoot kids, were not trained enough for genocide and abasing cruelty to animals or humans. Lastly we were not ready or trained for the worse part of all, the top brass of the Canadian Military or the Canadian Government lack of compassion and downright refusal to support us, other troops, combat troops, PTSD or any returned troops or their families.

Demons come in the night, sneak into our dreams but other demons come through the front door, arrive in the mail or sit in offices doing accounting. This is what happens when you let bean counters run the country, bean counters run the Veterans Affairs and bean counters run the military!

Demons come in many shapes and forms I wish the Canadian Government and the US Government would support the troops who support them and their countries.


On top of all of this bad new, I have been very sick, yesterday I had to go to the Hospital, treatment and pay for meds. If I was on Welfare or a Government flunky, it would have been free meds. Since I choose to walk my own path in this world, it cost me $160 for the meds. All former Military should be entitled to free meds, why not as some shit assed politician or flunky government worker who only works for a short time in the government is given free meds for life, who not the men and women whom serve the country for real and are willing and able to put themselves in harms way to defend this great country.

Pro Patria



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8 responses to “Demons

  1. First, let me say that I am so sorry to hear this, I agree that the military needs the support just as much after they get home as they do while out in the field.

    Second, let me say that I am sorry to hear that you had to pay so much for your meds, and that you should indeed have some kind of plan in regards to after service medical care

    Third, sorry to hear that you have been so sick, its rough being unwell when you are living alone, I have been there and its always a bit better if there is someone to help look after you. I know that you are fairly new to the area you are in but I hope that someone will be moved to give a hand.

  2. LakeLili

    I am so sorry that you have been so ill. I continue to be amazed that we ask so much of our soldiers and show them such a lack of respect. Thank you for your service. Monkey keeps telling me that he wants to be a soldier – he can’t wait to be old enough for cadets…

  3. WR, I feel the pain in your words. I completely agree that the government has dropped the ball on returning servicemen/women, especially after they retire. As for Meds, it’s the least we could do, as a nation, to pay for a Vets Meds!!! Several of my family members are Vets or currently serving……..
    I hope you are feeling better soon……….. remember to just look outside around you at our wonderful world.
    Take care.

  4. Thank you for your service. I appreciate your situtation and I hope that you find the cause of the illness.

    • The cause of the illness is complicated. I will be seeing the Doc again on Tues, the real cause may be an industrial accident that happened about Ten years ago, or maybe it was military related. If it is military related, they will never admit it, and will make my life a living hell. As per their directives to do so to every Vet.

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