Health and update End of October 2012

Q. (question) ever wonder why grey hair you pull from your head or moustache (ladies not included in the moustache comment) sticks to your fingers or cloths like it just won’t go away? Just like old age, once it hits, it just sticks and hangs around.

So, Health..

After 5 weeks and way too many visits and tests with the Doctor, the Hospital and specialists, still not real answers at all. 5 weeks, wow!

Good news after watching too many movies and starting to re-watch movies, I got bored with myself and a little mad so decided to just start writing again. Years ago, well over 14 yrs ago to be more correct I started to write a 3 book series. I have them mapped out, main storylines  plots up to how to end the books and link them together in the 3rd book and finish it off. I also started another follow along Wilderness survival book and recently two other Novel ideas, a short story and a funny poem, yup a poem and from me of all people!

Bet you did not see that one coming now did you! Life got in the way, that is the answer.. just life got in the way, marriage, moving, moving, soon to be divorcing, starting business and soon to be shutting down my business ! Did not see that one either did you, well neither did I to be fair and honest.

As a writing exercise I started writing two Novellas just for fun and am thinking of posting them here! One is a short story and the other is more journal entry style. I have been re-inspired by a few people in the past few months, one fellow wrote the The Union Creek Journal, so let’s get cracking as they say.  Writers write and talkers talk about writing.

The one thing I wish I owned is a small netbook  so the battery lasted longer and I could concentrate on writing and not worry about battery life so much. This laptop is quite nice, but is a battery HOG! Battery life lasts from 1.5-2 hrs and never any
more.  To give you an idea, if I popped in a DVD it would never finish the movie so it would always say, battery at 5% shutting down, just in the last 15-20 mins, O so annoying.

Just to finish off another Q. Question for you; should I pop in some of my blog entries into the journal? I am thinking of some specific journal entries that have gotten the most views and comments.

Well What do you think of all this?


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2 responses to “Health and update End of October 2012

  1. Love your blog – add it to your journal.
    I look forward to your future writings…….
    I hope your health improves soon – writing can be very theraputic.

  2. thatoldschoolgirl

    Just keep writing. Lol

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