Writing Books

Well I have spent the day writing, this morning I was thinking on writing and came up with a plot again that I had written in my mind but not in reality. So today, I started writing the second short story, great right?

Well maybe not, I have not finished writing the first short story, now Oldschool before you scold me; I plan on writing them at the same time. Sort of Side by side writings. They are similar in some ways and there will be some overlap, though the plots are vastly different. The characters are different and the material is different.

Perhaps it is all my Grade 6 teachers fault, he made me love to read, then showed me more secrets to reading, then more secrets. Finally at one point I remember sitting in class and he used me as an example to a few of the other boys. They were complaining about reading a book that had been assigned and they had to do a book report on that book.

He looked at me and asked me to tell the class how many books I had read that month, was reading at that moment and my thoughts on book reviews or reports. Thinking back I am fuzzy with some of the details of course it was grade 6. I believe my answer was that at the time, I was reading about 3 or 4 books at the same time, had just finished 2 book reports on recently finished books and had just started reading Bram Stokers Dracula, and because of the complexity of the book, had started a follow along book review at the same time.

There was stunned silence in the room, one of the boys said that He did not believe it, so I got up, picked up my bag, pulled out the books, pulled out the book reviews, walked to the Teachers desk and picked up One or Two other book reviews s with my name on them.  I remember there was stunned silence from everyone including the girls in the room.

Later that boy challenged me to a fight because I made him look bad in class. I remember it did not turn out well for him, that fight and it did not help with his image either in the class and now the school.

So to my Grade 6 Teacher who taught me to love books and probably to love writing itself, here is to you whom gave so much. Wishing I had done these writings sooner and finished off the books sooner as well.

Cheers to writing and books.
Two Novellas coming soon, real soon. (need to work on spelling and grammar a bit first though) (both my major weaknesses in writing)

If your interested, that Teacher and his Wife the Head Librarian at the time in the Ottawa Main Library, helped take me from a grade 3 or 4 writing and reading ability to a College level ability, of reading and comprehension. Unfortunately due to the stupidity of the Ontario Ministry of Teaching/School systems, we were taught how to spell Phonetically up to about Grade 4 then we were all informed that from now on we would be spelling correctly and no more Phonetically spelling. We were stunned, to this date I still have a lot of problems spelling and with sentence structure.

Hope you enjoy the writing,
Cheers WildE




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2 responses to “Writing Books

  1. thatoldschoolgirl

    “Well maybe not, I have not finished writing the first short story, now Oldschool before you scold me; I plan on writing them at the same time.”

    would I do that lol

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