Day 2 Waking Divergent Journal

Journal Entry Day 2  of Waking (Divergent)

Weird where is everyone? 

photo of a journal, Waking Divergent a Journal Novella exercise

Waking Divergent a Journal Novella exercise

I woke up or came too sitting in the driver’s seat of my Van. All I remember about that is I woke up fuzzy headed, tired, and wanting to vomit (apparently again, as outside the door was a pile as well as down the front of me!) It was not pretty at all.

Zeldy my Dog was in the back in her sleeping and travelling area with the same problems, vomit and stuff around her, vomit and stuff close to the door. It looks like we have been here doing this for a while. We both climbed slowly out, did our business outside, she walked stiffly over to her water bowl, the one I put under the corner of a car carrier trailer to catch rain water, she drank deeply from the water.

I picked up my near empty 1 gallon jug of water, which was full the last time I remember and took out the last sip. The last sip, what is going on here!
“Awe man”, I was so tired and sick, I just sat back in the seat, she climbed in the side of the van and that is the last I remember until the rain started hitting me on the face.

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More to come soon …. 


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