dystopian stories

Brimstone and Fire

Dystopian Stories,

well now, I just found a new word and phrase, I write Dystopian Stories, cool. I did not know this phrase at all, and came across it while looking at search terms to my blog.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dystopia Dystopia definition
Dystopian Stories
shhhh.. I liked these kinds of stories since I was a wee lad !
Speaking of dystopian stories, what are you doing for the End of the World day? December 21 is rolling around very fast now so what are your plans?

read a book
get out and star watch (asteroid search)
big party
spend times with your loved ones
go to church
shed your cloths and dance like there is no tomorrow??

post your thoughts and plans, if you DARE ! 😀

divergent plates in the earth’s crust

and for some light reading !

Visualizing Earthquakes at Divergent Plate Margins





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2 responses to “dystopian stories

  1. Well, I just learned a new word too!

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