Mason Lamp parts

Here is the Mason Lamp parts out and about.

metal wick holder for mason jar lamp

wick holder out of mason jar

This has been used for a couple of years now. You can make the tail more decorative and you can make the wick holder more decorative if you so desire. The wire here is Coat Hanger wire, though you could use Mechanics wire easy enough but use the stronger stuff.

Start with using the nail and wire, wrap the wire around the nail to form the wick holder. Now just create the base and the tail. Some do not make the tail but I also do not like to stick my fingers deep into the oil to pull it out to change the wick either.

This free-standing wick works great the only thing I might do is add in some marbles or stones so that there is less oil in the jar. You will know it is time to add in more oil as the lamp will not stay lit or the flame is very low on the wick. Each time you use the lamp, just trim off a bit of the wick so you have no charred ends, this is common to all lamps and enables the lamp to burn cleaner and brighter.

out of jar, naked wick holder

close up of wick holder


Variations on the theme include a floating wick holder.

seen in the following pic, is a floater I did with Bass Wood. It worked though it could use some improvements.

Hope this helps out folks!

floater wick

floater wick



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6 responses to “Mason Lamp parts

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  2. Received this email on the floater candle wick holders so thought I would pass it along..
    Try this link: The last picture is a disc, but not very clear.

    Just found this that also looks interesting:

    Here you can order the discs:

    One site said to blow out the wick when you’re done, then re-light another day. I’ve never had luck re-lighting, so always had to get a new wick. Recently I read that to douse the flame, press the disc under water enough to put it out, and that it should re-light fine after.

    Let me know how it works out for you, or if you have any tips to pass my way. Have fun!

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  5. + + Legal warning, do not do this, consult a specialist, not responsible this is what I did, if you burn down or die, not my problems!
    * * * CAUTION HOT !
    use leather gloves or hotdog tongs to remove the can from the top
    Note: this should be vented outside as it creates more smoky residue in the air as well as you should have a supply of fresh air for it as well, or you might not wake up!
    Oxygen Thief – carbon monoxide warning – use a detector – fresh air – venting system as well
    your warned, use at your own risk!! yadda yadda yadda legal speak, use your common sense be safe

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